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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

It's Over: Samsung's Galaxy Note7 Is Dead 

It’s over. Samsung has stopped production of its troubled Galaxy Note7 smartphone completely, and will not build or sell any more.

Deals: Kick Off Your Project Management Career With This Course 

As shown through the lessons in the Complete PMP Project Management Certification Exam Prep Course, project management involves more than just meeting deadlines. Great project managers need to know the best ways to allocate resources and time to ensure productivity is always at an optimal level.

Pauline Hanson Is Now On The NBN Committee 

As reported by ZDNet, Pauline Hanson has been elected to the NBN committee.

iPhone 7 Camera Battle: Still The Best Smartphone For Photos 

The camera on the iPhone has developed such a reputation for excellence that it’s one of the device’s central selling points. It’s worth upgrading to a new phone just to get the latest and greatest camera. After a week of rigorous shooting, one thing is totally clear: the iPhone 7 has a damn fine phone camera that’s the best you can buy right now.

There's Going To Be A Whole Line Of Doctor Who-Themed Mr Men Books 

Ever wondered what the myriad incarnations of everyone’s favourite Time Lord would look like in the world of Roger Hargreaves’ classic children’s books? Wonder no more.

Chilling Ad Underscores The Insanity Of Caregiving Robots 

To address the burgeoning “loneliness epidemic” and the demands of an ageing population, some think that we should deploy robotic caregivers. A new ad titled “BEN (Biologically Engineered Nursing)”, however, suggests that this is a dreadful idea.

Bosch Built A 'Highly Automated' Tesla In Australia 

This week, the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress is underway in Melbourne. Companies in the field are showing off everything they’ve been working on in self-driving and autonomous cars and trucks and other forms of transport. Bosch has built an entirely autonomous car from Tesla’s already-pretty-damn-autonomous Model S in Australia, and it’s looping it around the part of Melbourne’s Albert Park usually reserved for Formula 1 races.

4 Ways To Send Messages That Self-Destruct 

Sometimes you don’t want your messages to live forever. Maybe you have something secret you want to tell someone, or maybe it’s something time-sensitive. Or maybe you just don’t want to be trapped by the permanence of the digital age. Whatever the reason may be, here are three tools you can use to go all Mission: Impossible.

The Live-Action Mulan Will Have An All-Chinese Cast And No White Lead 

Good news, everyone — following incredibly (and justifiably) angry reactions yesterday to a report claiming that Disney’s fast-trackedMulan remake would feature a prominent white male leading role, a new report has emerged saying that the film will not feature that role at all.

Barack Obama Is Stoked About Mars 

Barack Obama is really pumped about getting humans to Mars.

Suprise! Round The Twist Is On Netflix. All Of It. 

This might not be news to everyone, but it’s news to me: Round The Twist is on Netflix. All of it.

Haiti Faces Nightmare Combination Of Disease And Starvation After Hurricane Matthew 

As Haiti reels from the immediate devastation of Hurricane Matthew, which plowed through the impoverished nation at Category 4 intensity last week, aid groups fear that the worst is yet to come. According to experts on the ground, massive disease outbreaks and famine are in Haiti’s future.

Oculus Disables Gear VR For Samsung's Note7 

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is dead. Samsung won’t build or sell any more after ongoing battery fire issues, and it wants customers to return every single one for a refund or an exchange to a different phone. Even if you keep your phone — and you shouldn’t — it’s being gimped more and more with over-the-air updates; first the battery charge was capped at 60 per cent, now Oculus has stopped the Note7 from working with its Gear VR virtual reality headset.