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Friday, October 21, 2016


October 21, 2016|View as webpage
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Parents name baby in honor of Mo. ambulance company
Mobile stroke ambulances to treat victims in Chicago
Texas ambulance goes airborne in crash
Chicago dispatchers take leave; causes overtime spike: Officials have had to hire dozens of additional dispatchers to offset the lack of staff
Boston increases EMT staff to improve response times: A $2.5 million department budget will allow the city to hire on 20 new EMTs and replace 10 ambulances
App helps save Seattle cardiac patient: A medical student began chest compressions and a cardiac nurse getting off shift was alerted by her phone
NY ambulance crashes with patient inside
NC EMS, police aid Hurricane Matthew flood victims
Idaho grocery stores to offer Narcan
Cameroon train derails; 53 dead, hundreds injured
Viral video of heroin overdose sparks debate
Watch: Paramedic stuns colleagues with opera voice
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How ePCR data improves patient care
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Improving ePCR systems make it easier to capture, share, monitor and analyze big data for better local and national patient care.
Better service 
Operational scenario: A co-worker becoming increasingly distant
By Patrick Lickiss, EMS1 Columnist
Your partner is regularly late to work, has been disciplined for poor attendance and increasingly seems aloof.
What do you do? 
19 thoughts only a medic will understand
By Michael Morse, EMS1 Columnist
You know you're a medic if any of these thoughts have crossed your mind.
Shared struggles 
Are EMS leaders worth what they cost?
By Mike Taigman, EMS1 Columnist
The Model for Improvement is a tool for EMS leaders to show their leadership matters and they are not a waste of money.
Adding value 
How to care for geriatric patients
Our co-hosts discuss how one program is teaching paramedics how to deal and empathize with dementia patients by using virtual training.
Listen to the podcast 
Get away from a forearm grab
Situational awareness tips to increase scene safety
293A salty tale: What EMS personnel need to know about electrolyte disorders
277Paramedic PSA about dangers of drunk driving
129Parents name baby in honor of Mo. ambulance company
77NC ambulance strike team deploys for Hurricane Matthew
65How well do you know your patient's medications?
One Dozen Convenience (emesis bag) Bags for Emesis Disposal
The GKR Industries Convenience (emesis bag) Bag has unique features proved to be perfect for the ambulance and hospital market. 
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