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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


November 30, 2016|View as webpage
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Community raises funds for EMT student shot while aiding victim
Good Samaritans buy meal for Calif. EMTs
Ky. Mannequin Challenge sheds light on opioid overdose
Ohio State 911 call: 'We need medics': The 911 calls revealed a chaotic scene that evolved into a violent incident on campus
Ohio ambulance company fined $478K: The company accepted improper Medicaid payments and completed transportation services with improper certification and documentation
Colleagues raise funds to bring firefighter-EMT's body to NJ: David Ley died Thanksgiving day after a diving incident off the coast of Florida
Texas EMT with brain cancer cleared to return to work
5 killed by severe storms in Ala., Tenn.
Mass. university to pay $650K in HIPAA settlement
Boy, 5, calls 911, invites deputies to Thanksgiving
Former Pa. EMT charged with sexually harassing colleague
Infant ejected during crash found alive in storm drain
Replace your Backboards with a WauK® Board
Choose the dolly-like function of the WauK® board to roll your patient into small elevators.
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EMTs: Don't just do something, stand there
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
The EMT in charge is being paid for what goes on between their ears rather than the skills they can perform with their hands.
Stepping up 
Rapid reaction: EMT student shot, run over for caring
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief 
Here's what we can learn from teenager and EMR Daniel Wesley, who was critically injured coming to the aid of a murder victim.
Top takeaways 
Are we working EMS providers to death?
By Michael Ward, EMS1 Columnist
Excessive work hours, compassion fatigue and violence are contributing to an alarming increase in EMS caregiver suicide.
War in the streets 
How to identify and treat major causes of acute altered mental status
By Nicholas Miller, EMS1 Contributor
Acute altered mental status is often the first clinical sign of a disruption to ATP production.
4 key signs 
Handguns in the fire service
If you're going to carry a weapon on duty, one of your primary jobs has to be care and custody of that weapon.
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High performance CPR demonstration
Reality Training: Citizens as first care providers at fire and EMS incidents
575EMT student shot, run over while aiding shooting victim
228Ramp-up tones cut firefighter, paramedic rapid-heart response to station alarms
2194 EMS calls I used to wish for
141EMTs: Don't just do something, stand there
127Texas EMT with brain cancer cleared to return to work
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