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Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Spain's 'Napflix' aims to bore viewers to sleep
Photo: Screengrab/ Napflix
A Spanish video platform called Napflix, designed to put people to sleep with dull content, was launched this week and its founders are on the lookout for more "monotony and repetition." 
    Recipe: How to make fabada - traditional Asturian bean stew
    Photo: Flavio Lorenzo Sánchez/Flickr 
    The hearty Asturian dish is a perfect lunch on a cold day... and don't forget the crusty bread and cider!  
      Spanish 'La Mafia' restaurants banned after Italian complaint
      Spain's 'La Mafia' restaurant chain had been going from strength to strength. Photo: Screengrab/YouTube
      The name of Spanish restaurant chain 'La Mafia' is "contrary to accepted principles of morality", the EU has decided. 
        Brit 'paedo' held on Costa del Sol after Most Wanted appeal
        One of Britain's most wanted fugitives was arrested on the Costa Del Sol following a tip-off from an expat just hours after his face appeared on a public appeal. 
          Spain's parliament approves deficit reduction measures
          Photo: Images Money/Flickr
          Spanish lawmakers approved on Thursday measures to reduce the public deficit and keep it under the target agreed with the European Union. 
            'Cubism and War' show opens at Barcelona Picasso Museum
            Pablo Picasso Harlequin and Woman with a Necklace. Photo: MP
            Barcelona's Picasso Museum unveiled an exhibition on "Cubism and War" on Thursday depicting how one of the most influential artistic styles of the 20th century survived the First World War. 
              Why this bionic limb pioneer doesn't believe in disability
              Hugh Herr has been award Spain's top science prize. Photo: FPA
              The Local speaks to Hugh Herr on winning Spain's top science prize and how being an amputee doesn't make him disabled. 
                Dine in the buff at Spain's first nudist restaurant
                A buffet of organic food will be served on "human tables". Photo: Innato / Facebook
                Spain's first naked dining experience is to arrive on the island of Tenerife following the success of a similar venture in London. 
                  Spain's top court overturns bullfighting ban in Catalonia
                  Photo: AFP
                  Spain's Constitutional Court on Thursday cancelled a bullfighting ban in Catalonia in what is likely to exacerbate tensions between Madrid and the separatist region, and between animal activists and fans of the tradition. 
                    Out of the dark: Five years on from Eta ceasefire
                    Eta members made a ceasefire declaration in January, 2011. Photo: Gara / AFP
                    Five years after armed separatist group Eta declared a permanent ceasefire, Basque journalist Alberto Letona is still wondering when the dialogue will begin. 
                      The Local list
                      Ten delicious Spanish dishes you must try before you die
                      Photo: Joan Grifols/Flickr
                      If you thought Spanish food was all paella and pinchos then think again. The Local takes you on a mouth-watering tour of some of the country's lesser known but equally fabulous culinary highlights. 
                      The Local list 
                      Ten great reasons to discover the real Malaga right now
                      Malaga's modern port. Photo: Nick Kenrick/Flickr
                      Autumn is a great time to discover Spain's southern city of Malaga. 
                      My Spanish habits that foreigners just don't get
                      Spaniards like to pace along the beach. Esparta Palma / Flickr
                      Do the Spanish have certain habits you just can't work out? 
                      'We drank from animal troughs to survive'
                      Justin and Diane Bridges at the start of their pilgrimage. Photo: J Bridges / The Local
                      A couple who survived four days lost in the wilderness after wandering off the pilgrim path in the Pyrenees share their story with The Local. 
                      The ten commandments for expats living in Spain
                      Sometimes you just need to throw yourself into the local culture. Photo: AFP
                      Irish expat Carol Byrne outlines the ten golden rules you will need to follow to be a happy expat in Spain. 
                      More news
                      Eta 'not dead' but Spain focus moves onto jihadism
                      Archive photo of a pro-mural in the Basque Country. Photo: AFP
                      Five years after Eta quit violence, the Basque separatist group has yet to dissolve but it poses little threat and authorities have shifted their focus to fight jihadists, says Spain's chief anti-terrorism prosecutor. 
                      Hunt for ten most wanted Brit fugitives hiding out in Spain
                      Call Crimestoppers if you recognize these faces. 
                      These fugitives from British justice are thought to be hiding out in Spain. Do you recognize anyone? 
                      Brazilian suspect in grisly Madrid murder turns self in
                      Marcos Campos Nogueira is the chief suspect in the murder of a married couple and their two children. Photo: Guardia Civil/Twitter
                      A Brazilian teenager suspected of dismembering his uncle and aunt and killing their two young sons in a grisly crime that shocked Spain has turned himself in to police. 
                      Spain approves equal parental leave for fathers
                      Photo: Rietje Swart / Flickr
                      Fathers will now be allowed the same parental leave as new mothers, under measures agreed by Spain’s parliament. 
                      Napflix: Spaniards launch very boring TV channel for siestas
                      Photo: Dickukne / Flickr
                      Do you have trouble sleeping? Then Napflix is the television channel for you. 
                      From our other editions
                      Verdict on swimming pool rape case overturned
                      The Theresienbad swimming pool in Vienna. Photo: Wikimedia
                      An Iraqi refugee who was jailed after claiming it was a sexual emergency when he raped a boy in a swimming pool has had the sentence overturned. 
                      Seven things you’ll miss about Switzerland if you leave
                      Switzerland: what's not to miss? Photo: Christian Perret/Swiss Tourim
                      Former expats in Switzerland tell The Local what they miss about living here. 
                      10 reasons it's awesome to be knocked up in Germany
                      A pregnant woman and her husband in Frankfurt. Photo: DPA
                      Polish writer Olga Mecking tells The Local why Germany is so much better than neighbour the Netherlands when it comes to getting pregnant and bringing up kids. 
                      Axe-wielding clown chases Dane as craze spreads
                      The killer clown phenomenon has been spreading across Europe. Photo: Vidar Ruud/Scanpix
                      A clown wielding an axe chased a 22-year-old Danish man down a street in Holbæk late on Sunday night.  
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                      How to vote absentee from abroad in the US elections
                      Madrid parish church faces fine over 'too noisy' bells
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                      Last chance to vote absentee in the US elections
                      Celebrate expat life at Madrid’s THRIVE convention
                      Fury after kids told to bring their own loo roll to school
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                      How to vote absentee from abroad in the US elections
                      Disney announces plans for Don Quixote action movie
                      Activist tells 8-yr-old matador wannabe with cancer 'just die'
                      King to make last minute push to avoid third vote in Spain
                      Amazing photos of Catalonia's 'human tower' contest
                      What's on in Spain: October 2016
                      'No way, Jose! You'll never get your hands on our Rock'
                      Recipe: How to make a classic Spanish tortilla de patatas
                      Chorizo in paella? Go back to cooking school Jamie Oliver
                      Spain in eye of a perfect storm after 10 months without govt
                      Thousands share clips of life for 'Spain in a Day' film
                      Ten incredible Spain locations for Game of Thrones season 7
                      Analysis & Opinion
                      Why moving to Spain could be the best decision of your life
                      Seven reasons why autumn is the very best season in Spain
                      Spanish study finds four types of personality. Which are you?
                      New search underway for civil war grave of poet Lorca
                      Bison found decapitated on Valencia nature reserve
                      Forgotten Voices: What Brits in Spain think about Brexit
                      One dead and 14 injured in blast at Spanish resort
                      Game of Thrones want extras 'with muscles' to film in Spain
                      Thousands march in Madrid to push for bullfighting ban