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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Prague Monitor

Sunday, 23 October 2016
The Czech government has accused Russia of conducting a propaganda war on its soil and is setting up a unit to counter what it says are networks of pro-Moscow puppet groups. "We want to get into every smartphone" to counter Russian disinformation, said Milan Chovanec, the Czech interior minister.
The Dalai Lama gave a public talk on the topic of secular ethics at Prague's Lucerna ballroom Oct. 19. It followed his appearance a day earlier at panel at Forum 2000, an annual meeting of politicians and thinkers. 

The Chinese Foreign Ministry told Czech Ambassador to Beijing, Bedrich Kopecky, on Tuesday that Czech official representatives and especially government members should avoid any meeting with the Tibetan Dalai Lama, the news server wrote on Thursday.
Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka will be pushing for development aid to African countries being conditional on their taking back migrants from Europe at the EU summit in Brussels, he told the European committee of the lower house on Thursday.
Most Czech university rectors will not attend the state holiday ceremony on October 28 at which state decorations will be awarded by President Milos Zeman, they have told CTK. Some have excused themselves as they have other duties, others mind Zeman not having invited all of them.
Czech lawmakers have approved a government plan to send medical personnel and additional military instructors to Iraq. In a 134-0 vote on Thursday, the lawmakers agreed to deploy in December a surgical field team of up to 17 people at a US Navy's base located some 70 kilometers south of Mosul.
US manufacturing giant General Electric has signed an agreement to design and build a new general of turbojet aircraft engines in the Czech Republic.
Actor Karel Roden will portray Czechoslovak diplomat Jan Masaryk in a film titled Masaryk, which is scheduled to hit screens March 9, 2017. The film will cover only a small part of the life of the title character. 
Time and place blur into a dream state in Alan Resnais' classic 1961 French film, "Last Year in Marienbad." Fans of this cinematic masterpiece now have the opportunity to lose track of their own sense of time at the enchanting exhibit at the Galerie Rudolfinum.
Prague Unlimited, Acentos de Praga and Prague.TV are hosting a Latin music event Nov. 18 called Copacabana at the Žižkov TV Tower. People representing and loving Latin America will have a chance to meet and enjoy some hot rhythm.