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Friday, October 28, 2016

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FDNY firefighter makes daring rope rescue in fatal blaze
Calif. FFs awarded Medal of Valor for daring save
LA firefighters rescue man from deep excavation
Calif. chiefs: Fire dept. should respond to EMS calls: The current policy limits fire departments from responding to medical calls
Lawsuit over NY fire captain's death dropped: The family lawyer stated Capt. Jack Rose's parents "don't feel comortable suing the fire department their son loved" 
Houston officials approve firefighter pension reform plan: The reforms are meant to end pension underfunding in 30 years and eliminate more than $2.5 billion in future costs by reducing benefits
Chicago FF falls through stairs, continues fighting fire
Firefighter meets, thanks lifesaving bone marrow donor
FDNY firefighter rescues man out of fire by the foot
Shooting victim dies on Tenn. fire station's lawn
Texas firefighter saves ashes of fire victim's mother
Calif. fire union apologizes for police incident
Can we halt firefighter suicide?
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor-in-Chief
It may take a very bold and costly initiative to make serious strides toward stopping firefighter suicides.
Turning the tide 
Inside look: Fire, emergency responders test FirstNet
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Ohio's FirstNet project manager talks about what went right, and what didn't, when it tested the 700 MHz LTE broadband network.
What to know 
Photos: Fire, EMS raising breast cancer awareness
By FR1 Staff
With everything from T-shirts to trucks, there is no sign of support too large or small.
Go pink 
Breast cancer in the fire service: Beyond pink tees
By Sara Jahnke, FR1 Columnist
The data linking firefighting and breast cancer is slim but growing, and this cancer strikes men as well as women.
Beyond the pink 
15 spooky songs to listen to in the firehouse
By FR1 Staff
What tunes will you be rocking as you're working around the station waiting for the next scary tone to drop?
Dracula's lament 
Firefighters perform 'Thriller' for Halloween PSA
Firefighters raise childhood cancer awareness in music video
862NY firefighter makes daring rope rescue in fatal blaze
452Firefighters perform 'Thriller' for Halloween PSA
418Firefighter sleep: 7 ways to improve your crews' sleep and safety
362Five haunted fire museums in the U.S.
311Helmet Cam - A Day in the Life of a Firefighter
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