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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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Off-duty paramedic, trooper save crash victims
Pediatricians update SIDS prevention guidelines
4 killed on Australian theme park ride
Calif. EMT sued after posting picture of patient's injury: The photo was captioned, "This is what happens when you're careless in the rain on a motorcycle"
Tenn. county recommends split of fire chief, EMS director position:Officials said the county is growing and having one person supervise both depts. is going to be a bigger challenge
Pa. EMS agency accidentally collects funds from other towns: The nonprofit agency sent out subscription payments to the town they serve, unaware several other towns share the same ZIP code
NJ EMTs, ER staff raise funds for sick colleague
Ill. paramedic attacked by stabbing victim
NC EMS agency corrects security glitch
Woman learns CPR day before saving colleague's life
Idaho family sues paramedic, city for burning baby
Responders rescue hiker after possible drug overdose
The Compact, Wall Mountable Sled You've Been Looking For
The Belluscura Evacuation Slyde provides a safe, efficient way to evacuate non-ambulatory occupants from any multistory building using the stairways. It folds flat and stores in stacks of up to five units in a storage sleeve.
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Who do You Consider a Hero?
The 'Fist Bump for Heroes' program recognizes first responders รข€“ those heroes who work on the front lines, pulling double duty to protect our communities.
Nominate your heroes now through December 31, 2016

Why a living wage comes before EMS advocacy
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
Advocate for EMS improvement starting with your agency because a rising tide lifts all boats.
Focus on the present 
How EMS can train parents to understand, prevent SIDS
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
EMS providers need to know and share the updated American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations with parents and caregivers of infants.
What to know 
How to protect sleep-deprived EMS personnel
By Ginger Locke, EMS1 Contributor
The effects of sleep deprivation are akin to alcohol intoxication; build a safe sleep room and a culture of watching over tired medics.
Take care of your team 
How many hours make a paramedic or EMT shift?
By Dave Konig, EMS1 Columnist
Paramedic chiefs and EMS leaders need to set shift length based on call demand, available personnel, equipment supply and time on task.
Not all shifts are equal 
High School 9-1-1
High School 9-1-1 chronicles a year in the life of the only ambulance service in Darien, Conn. that just happens to be run by high school teenagers.
Watch the trailer 
What to look for during a weapon search
Powerful tips for moving EMS patients
251Off-duty paramedic, trooper save crash victims
1344 EMT tips to first do the right things, then do things right
115How to use the RACE scale for stroke severity
80EMS workplace stress and warning signs
70Tenn. county recommends split of fire chief, EMS director position
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