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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Atlas

The new X-Class Concept pickup shares its underpinnings with the Renault Alaskan and Nissan Navara, but Mercedes is adamant it melds the capability of a traditional truck with levels of luxury previously unmatched in the segment.   Read more
The fate of ESA's unmanned Schiaparelli lander is a reminder that space travel really is rocket science, and over the years we've seen many missions that have, spectacularly or otherwise, not gone according to plan. Here's a look at the eight most embarrassing failures of the Space Age.   Read more
Huawei's 2016 expansion plans continue, this time with a pair of mid-range phones aiming to offer premium stylings alongside an affordable price tag. Here's what we thought of the 5-inch Nova and the 5.5-inch Nova Plus.   Read more
​In the mid-1940s, Nippon Kogako KK decided to make a camera of its own. Though designed in 1946, the interchangeable lens rangefinder didn't go into production until early 1948. Next month, what's billed as the earliest known surviving production Nikon in the world will go for auction in Europe.   Read more
Since 2001, BMW has aggressively expanded the range of cars wearing a Mini badge. Coupes and funky vans have joined the classic hatch, but no car signals a bigger departure from the compact simplicity of the original Sir Alec Issigonis' Mini than the latest Countryman SUV.   Read more
Custom Container Living has shared another shipping container home with us. The unnamed dwelling is based on the firm's "Family Matters" floorplan, which squeezes a family home into a box. It's available for US$54,900.   Read more
When you build some of the world's largest, meanest six-figure off-road adventure trucks, at some point you may want to build something smaller to appeal to a different set of buyers. For EarthCruiser, that's the GZL pickup camper.   Read more
Mercedes has plenty of experience when it comes to wildly overpowered family cars, but the latest AMG takes that to new levels. The E63 AMG might look like a practical family saloon from the outside, but it's packing a 450 kW (612 hp) V8 under the hood.   Read more
Red dwarf stars may host potential habitable exoplanets. Computer simulations to model how planets may form around these stars have found that many of them might be “water worlds,” covered in extremely deep oceans with icy cores – but don’t get your hopes up about habitability.   Read more
Russia has moved to update its nuclear arsenal with an extreme-range, massive payload ICBM designed specifically to defeat anti-missile systems. Capable of traversing the planet's poles and blowing up Texas in one hit, meet the RS-28 Sarmat, or Satan 2.  Read more
Acton uses a 4WD hub motor system, distinct hexagonal deck, aluminum and carbon fiber construction, and integrated lighting to make its Blink Qu4tro stand out from all those other electric skateboards. And it also has some new lower-tier models.  Read more
The tools to overcome problems with wireless charging already exist, according to a new paper that outlines how an LCD-like panel could be used to charge several devices simultaneously from a distance of up to 33 feet.   Read more
​It's one of the basic facts of science: Heat something and it expands. But a team of scientists from LLNL have gone counterintuitive and invented a 3D-printed material that shrinks when heated.   Read more
Magnets are typically made via a costly injection molding process. Scientists, however, often just need a few of them in specific shapes. Thankfully for them, an Austrian team has developed a method of 3D printing magnets in any form desired.​  Read more
​Look mom, no bezels: Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi demonstrates serious experimental clout with its new Mi Mix concept phone, a device with a daring ceramic build and nearly-edgeless display.​   Read more
We scour the industry's current offerings, and consult our own attempts at riding the things, to compile a selection of the best electric skateboards for the upcoming holiday season.   Read more
Google has announced its latest entry into the hardware market: Jamboard, a “digital whiteboard” and physical extension of the G Suite of business software.   Read more
Generalized diet advice aimed at "the average person" isn't necessarily going to work for you. That's why Habit was developed. The service creates unique diet plans tailored to each client, based on an analysis of their DNA.​   Read more
A new device called Loop is out to make it easier to share content and video chat with friends and family.   Read more
In an effort to demonstrate the use of a construction material that is more sustainable than common alternatives, Dutch students have constructed a 14-m (46-ft) long footbridge out of hemp and flax fibers. The so-called "biobridge" is to be located in Eindhoven and will open this week.   Read more
Self-driving trucks have proven they're able to drive closer together than their human-controlled counterparts, but there's still one crucial test for the technology: Can it deliver beer? Otto, a subsidiary of Uber, has answered that question by delivering a shipment of Budweiser in Colorado.   Read more
Audi has decided to pull the plug on its World Endurance Championship commitment after 18 years, choosing instead to focus on Formula E from 2017 onwards. The change reflects a renewed focus on electric power – both in production and racing – for the Audi brand.   Read more
You may not typically be firing on all cylinders when your alarm clock goes off, but French startup Holi says it has created an alarm clock that will fire on all cylinders for you. The Bonjour is a voice-controlled AI device that learns about the user and acts as their personal assistant.   Read more
Researchers have used an algorithm to analyze Shakespeare's writing style and some of his contemporaries, and determined which of his plays were likely collaborations and with whom. For the first time, an upcoming scholarly collection will credit Christopher Marlowe as co-author on Henry VI.   Read more
AT&T plans to give cord cutters the gift they've been waiting for just in time for the holiday season. The service provider plans to launch a new streaming service called DirecTV Now in the United States by the end of November.   Read more
Acclaimed instructor Rob Percival is back with this immersive course on the newest Android release, Android Nougat. Regardless of coding experience, you can learn how to program for the latest Android platform over the 32 hours of this course. You'll cover a huge range of technologies, including open source Parse Server, Firebase, Admob, GDX, Bluetooth and a whole lot more, so no Android base is left uncovered.   Read more