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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Atlas

​With a record attendance of 220,000 visitors, Intermot officially opened the 2017 model season in Cologne, Germany. Although manufacturers saved some news for the upcoming EICMA show, a virtual walk around Intermot’s six halls has much to reveal besides its illustrious international premieres.   Read more
What does a Google-phone look like? Based on the new Pixel XL, it’s a breakthrough in mobile photography that happens to be in very good shape everywhere else too. Read on for New Atlas’ review.   Read more
Following our look at the most bizarre crowdfunding campaigns out there, one of the entries, Candwich, issued us a challenge to try one of its sandwiches in a can. We tried two, and here's what we think.   Read more
The Milwaukee-Eight 114 powered CVO Limited is a twin-cooled, 4-valve per head, asphalt-eating beast that kicks out 124 ft. lbs of torque in luxury. Needless to say, when we had the opportunity to get our hands on one, we couldn't wait to see what all of the hubbub was about.​   Read more
The handy LinkNYC booths that were first installed in New York City this January are crossing the Atlantic and coming to London. Under the guise LinkUK, the booths will provide the public with ultrafast Wi-Fi, charging for mobile devices, free calls and local information.   Read more
A new human-powered system prototype dubbed Vertical Walking has been developed that requires just ten percent of the effort needed to climb stairs, but can easily move a person up vast numbers of floors within a building.   Read more
Toys need to be fun, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be educational too, and there are some great examples around at the moment that teach things like coding, making and design skills. Here we look at some of the best educational tech toys which are going to be available for Christmas 2016.  Read more
DARPA has put its Towed Airborne Lift of Naval Systems to the test off the coast of California. Towed behind the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, TALONS extends the range of radar and sensors by elevating them up to 1,500 ft above the water.​   Read more
​French startup Joué has revealed a new digital interface which appears to offer the kind of expressive playing found in the Seaboard Rise, but can also be used as a MIDI controller, beat-maker, DJ mixing console and more – just by swapping out colorful modules.   Read more
A little over 18 months after first announcing its intention to inspire the coders of tomorrow with its freely distributed micro:bit computer, the BBC has given the project independence. The newly created Micro:bit Educational Foundation will now be championing the device globally.   Read more
Its founder has passed away, but Zaha Hadid Architects appears to be taking on as many new projects as it ever has. The firm recently announced that it's going to build an oasis-inspired Urban Heritage Administration Centre in Diriyah, near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Read more
Drawing on a fuel cell for power has its benefits, chief among which is zero-emissions range. The latest EPA figures for the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell have shown it will go the extra mile, with a 366 mile (589 km) rating making it the longest-range zero-emissions vehicle on the market today.  Read more
There are lots of people who like the idea of living on water, but for whom the idea of living on a boat doesn't, well, float their boat. The Chichester floating home offers a solution to this, by giving residents the comforts of a house with the benefits of a waterborne lifestyle.   Read more
​A new species of millipede has been discovered in a cave in California. Dubbed Illacme tobini, it's been studied from a single male specimen and boasts 414 legs, four penises, 200 poison glands that spray an unknown chemical, mysterious mouthparts and a body covered in hairs that secrete silk.  Read more
Suzuki has thrown a new competitor into the small-capacity market with its 2017 GSX-250R. Styled after the flagship GSX-R1000, the 250R offers a more relaxed, comfy and manageable riding experience for learners and small capacity sportsbike fans.   Read more
Organs-on-chips are an emerging alternative to testing drugs, cosmetics and diseases on animals, but manufacturing and retrieving data from them can be costly and time-consuming. Now researchers at Harvard have developed new materials to 3D print the devices, including sensors to easily gather data.   Read more
​​Rubik’s-cube-sized CubeSats are nifty, cheap way to study space, but they’re limited to low orbits – until now. Los Alamos researchers have created a safe and innovative rocket motor that could allow CubeSats to zoom around space and even de-orbit themselves when they’re finished their mission.​   Read more
New research has revealed that more acidic waters as a result of climate change can throw fishes' survival instincts out of whack, and can sometimes even cause them to swim towards predators.   Read more
When a cyclist is riding across Antarctica, all-wheel-drive makes a lot of sense. That's what Australian adventurer Kate Leeming is attempting to do, and if you've got the cash, you can buy an AWD fatbike like the one that she'll be using.​   Read more
While Nuak1 might sound like a robot's name, it's an enzyme that recent research shows plays a key role in creating a harmful protein in the brain linked to Alzheimer's disease. Manipulating Nuak1 to our advantage could one day make treating the condition akin to fighting cholesterol with statins.   Read more
When Apple launched the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus back in September, the keynote teased us with the promise of DSLR-like bokeh effects. The software that enables this so-called Portrait mode just became available today with the consumer release of iOS 10.1.   Read more
The non-profit XPrize is hoping to have imaginative minds applied to the issues of women's safety and water scarcity, through a pair of new competitions recently announced in New Delhi.   Read more
If the Michelin Design Challenge is anything to go by, endurance racing is tame compared to what we can expect in 2030. The winners each take a different angle on what racers of the future will look like, using tech from AI to tire-mounted batteries to gain an edge on the competition.   Read more
Forget apes. Scientists say that we owe our jaws to a prehistoric fish that lived 423 million years ago.   Read more
Is BMW Films new big-budget branded short film enough to compete in today's digital landscape of short attention spans and viral videos?   Read more
Apple announced the Apple Watch Nike+ edition at its annual keynote in September and it’s slated to hit shelves on Friday, October 28. What can we expect from this running-centric smartwatch?   Read more
More than your run-of-the-mill wearable, the Martian Notifier Smartwatch is a next-level timepiece that seamlessly blends technology and style. From receiving app notifications to remotely snapping pictures using your phone camera, you'll find this watch a boon to your personal productivity--not to mention a sleek addition to your accessory collection.   Read more