Pollution fight given a tech push

 | Updated: Oct 21, 2016, 23:33 IST
New Delhi: If you want to play your part in the fight against pollution, help is in hand in the form of the "Hawa Badlo" app. The app, launched by the SC-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), allows the public to file complaints of waste and leaf burning and construction and road dust.

The app can be downloaded directly from the Apple app and Google Play stores. Each complaint made through the app will be geo-referenced and provide information about the time and location where the violation has taken place.

EPCA will forward the complaint to the official in charge, depending on the location and the nature of violation.

The app will filter out false complaints by creating a "reputation system" similar to those used in online product ratings. Officials selected to deal with the complaints will need to take action within 15 days. As of now, the complaints related to waste burning and construction dust will go to CPCB, DPCC and the municipal control boards. Issues related to road dust will be handled by the PWD.

EPCA is trying to add DDA to the list of agencies as it has a very large number of vacant plots and green areas. However, DDA doesn't have a geo-referenced map of areas under its purview. DDA officials said the location of DDA areas will be provided to EPCA soon.

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Will there be a list of unattended complaints after 15 day period? What will be punishment for non compliance?rocky dugal

Many officials said that most waste-burning cases were reported from zone 'O', or the river zone, under DDA.

EPCA member Sunita Narain said: "We were finding it very difficult to monitor compliance to the SC order prohibiting leaf and waste burning, construction dust. The app is expected to act as an accountability, public information dissemination and public engagement mechanism."

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rocky dugal
Will there be a list of unattended complaints after 15 day period? What will be punishment for non compliance?
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