The Hate Factory: When Free Speech and German Law Collide on Facebook

The Hate FactoryWhen Free Speech and German Law Collide on Facebook

American authorities are fining companies like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank billions of dollars for violating the law. In Germany, though, where Facebook is allowing mass violations of hate speech legislation, the government is letting the social media platform get away scot-free.  By Jan Fleischhauer more...Comment ]
Masoud's Revenge: Syrian Refugee Helps Germans Hunt Down IS

Masoud's RevengeSyrian Refugee Helps Germans Hunt Down IS

As a prisoner of Islamic State in Syria, journalist Masoud Aqil suffered torture and death threats. Now in Germany, he is helping law enforcement officials hunt down former IS members who came to Europe as refugees. By Jonas Brengmore... Comment ]
A Legacy of East Germany: Where Does the Hate Come From?

A Legacy of East GermanyWhere Does the Hate Come From?

Hatred of refugees is widespread in Germany, but it seems particularly prominent in the eastern half of the country. There are several reasons for that, and many of them stem from life under communism -- and unfulfilled expectations afterwards. An Essay by Stefan Berg more... Comment ]
WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: 'We Believe in What We're Doing'

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange'We Believe in What We're Doing'

WikiLeaks is now 10 years old. SPIEGEL met with founder Julian Assange, 45, to discuss the whistleblower platform's achievements and whether recent criticism leveled at the site is justified. Interview Conducted by Michael Sontheimer more... Comment ]
Interactive Globe: The Climate Implications of Electricity for All

Interactive GlobeThe Climate Implications of Electricity for All

The UN would like to ensure that everybody in the world has access to electricity by 2030. But what are the implications of that ambitious goal for global warming? Explore our interactive globe to find out! more...
Doubts about Authenticity: Momentous Syria Interview Under Fire

Doubts about AuthenticityMomentous Syria Interview Under Fire

German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer filmed an interview with an alleged rebel commander near Aleppo. The claims made by the commander -- that the US was supporting al-Qaida -- made headlines around the world. But was the interview authentic? By Christoph Reuter more... Comment ]
Development Aid: Bringing Light to the Darkness

Development AidBringing Light to the Darkness

There are 1.2 billion people in the world living without electricity. An organization in India hopes to change that by training illiterate woman to become solar technicians. The story of a grandmother who brought light to her village - and a number of problems. more...
Secret Meetings with Campaign: Germany Prepares for Possible President Trump

Secret Meetings with CampaignGermany Prepares for Possible President Trump

Concerned about what would happen to German-American relations in the event Donald Trump wins the US presidential election, government officials are holding low-key talks with his advisors. It's clear that if the Republican wins, it could be expensive for Berlin.  By Holger Stark and Christoph Schult more...Comment ]
 One Month in Clausnitz: A Visit to Ground Zero of Refugee Anxiety

 One Month in ClausnitzA Visit to Ground Zero of Refugee Anxiety

The village of Clausnitz in Saxony became shorthand for the ugly, xenophobic side of Germany after residents threatened a bus full of refugees. We spent a month in the town in an attempt to find out what happened. By Takis Würger (text) and Sven Döring (photos) more... Comment ]