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Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Atlas ( gizmag)

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 yesterday. What's come to pass since last year's flagship, the iPhone 6s? While many specs are identical, there are a few standout upgrades and at least one divisive change.  Read more
Sony’s latest action cameras are aimed at cutting the wobbles from your extreme footage with new image stabilization technology. The 4K-shooting X3000 and the Full HD AS300 each use Sony’s Balanced Optical SteadyShot, which moves the camera's lens and sensor together to compensate for camera shake.​   Read more
As part of our regular weekly feature, New Atlas asked two of the HI-SEAS mission participants what their biggest positive and negative surprises were from living in close quarters with other people for a full year in an effort to see what early human life might be like on Mars.​​   Read more
Having transformed the Panamera from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, Porsche has decided to improved its environmental credentials as well. The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid packs a sledgehammer punch, but can dial back the insanity and silently run on pure electric power.   Read more
​The US Navy has revealed that the USS Zumwalt, its largest-ever destroyer and most technologically-advanced surface ship to date, left the Bath Iron Works in Maine, US, and is preparing for its three-month journey to its home port in San Diego.   Read more
Most superhydrophobic coatings aren't overly durable, meaning their water repelling properties can be easily lost. Now ANU scientists have developed a new spray-on superhydrophobic coating that is much more robust than existing solutions and low-cost to manufacture and apply.   Read more
Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa has its eyes on a big Dakar 2017 showing, key to which will be its all-new rally car. The mid-engine 2WD Hilux Evo is lighter, faster and more balanced than its predecessor.   Read more
Caterham has delved (even further) back in time to find inspiration for its latest offering. The new Seven Sprint might use the same underpinnings as its entry-level Seven 160, but all the details are firmly rooted in the 1960s.   Read more
Swiss startup Insolight has developed a thin plastic overlayer that sits atop a solar panel and directs the sun's rays to a small area of very high performance solar cells to achieve a solar conversion efficiency of 36.4 percent.  Read more
NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid sampling mission is on its way. At 7:05 pm EDT, the unmanned probe lifted off atop an Atlas/Centaur booster from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.   Read more
Russian chemists have discovered that some exotic compounds may be formed in high pressure environments like those found inside Uranus, Neptune and other gas giant planets.   Read more
Looking to make diagnosing anemia cheaper and more accessible, scientists have developed an app that accurately measures hemoglobin levels in a patient using the phone's camera and flash, raising the prospect of a low-cost, non-invasive screening tool for the condition.   Read more
According to a new study, memory-enhancing chemicals are released by the brain during "attention-getting" experiences. Furthermore, it is believed that intentionally triggering the release of those chemicals could help us memorize new things. ​  Read more
Teeth removed from skeletons in a mass grave in London have acted like time capsules revealing the DNA of the bacteria that caused the Great Plague, which wiped out nearly a quarter of London's population between 1665 and 1666.   Read more
Nest has today released a software update for its security cameras that might be a decent timesaver, automatically packaging highlights together so you can more quickly get to the bottom of a potential home invasion. ​​   Read more
The Canon 5D Mark IV will no-doubt be a hit with professional and enthusiast photographers who, rightly, hold the series in high regard. We recently got to spend a bit of time with the upcoming DSLR to see how it compares to its predecessors and rivals. Read on for our first impressions.   Read more
For the last few months, Synthstrom Audible has been showing off a new portable sequencer, synth and sampler at a small number of demonstrations in Wellington and Auckland. With prototyping now in the rear view mirror, the company has announced that the Deluge will go up for pre-order next month.   Read more
Ahead of the Paris Motor Show premiere of the new Discovery SUV later this month, Land Rover arranged for renowned adventurer Bear Grylls to demonstrate its innovative Intelligent Seat Fold technology by remotely arranging the SUV's seats while parachuting from a plane.   Read more
​To mark the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, NASA today released images of a seemingly heavenly tribute to the television series. Infrared images of a pair of nebulae returned by the Spitzer Space Telescope bear a resemblance to two versions of the starship USS Enterprise.   Read more
From next week, Pokémon Go players will have a new way to catch 'em all with the Pokémon Go Plus. Originally scheduled for release at the end of July, the wearable accessory lets players find items and catch critters without relying on the smartphone app.   Read more
Start learning to program with fun, practical projects on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Developed by leading computer science educators, Raspberry Pi is a compact computer with an enormous range of processing and programming capabilities. Link up with the included SainSmart LCD display to use like a standard desktop computer, and when you become more proficient you can start programming things like music makers, weather stations, and more, all from your own handheld hub.  Read more