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Monday, September 19, 2016

New Atlas

​The US military is getting its first new hand grenade in 40 years as engineers at ARDEC work on a safer multi-purpose design. Called the Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose (ET-MP) hand grenade, it will allow soldiers to choose between concussive or fragmentation blasts with the flip of a lever.  Read more
We've been impressed with each towable tiny house that Escape has released thus far, and its latest dwelling, the Vintage, doesn't disappoint. Inside, it features a relatively large bathroom and kitchen, and can sleep up to six people.   Read more
Lyft co-founder John Zimmer has outlined the ride-sharing company's vision for the next 10 years and beyond. Zimmer believes we're on the cusp of a transportation revolution, with the rise of ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles set to change the physical environments of our cities.   Read more
​Nikola Motors is a relative unknown in the motoring world, ​but that hasn't stopped it from making some seriously audacious promises. Now, as we edge closer to actual production, the full specification of the Zero UTV is starting to become clear.   Read more
As more people get on board the battery-boosted bike bandwagon, motors and batteries are becoming lighter and more powerful. The new E-P3 from Polini weighs just 2.85 kg, but is able to put 70 Nm through the crank to make hills a sweat-free breeze.  Read more
A team at Japan's RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) has used a genetic matching technique to overcome the problems of rejection and the use of immunosuppressant drugs when transplanting retinal pigment cells derived from the stem cells of one monkey into the eyes of other monkeys.   Read more
Science fiction is fast becoming reality, with scientists in South Korea developing an astonishingly fast-moving remote-controlled microrobot designed to travel through the human bloodstream to deliver treatment directly to the organs that need it.   Read more
Stunt man Eddie Braun has achieved his childhood dream, jumping Idaho's Snake River Canyon in a treacherous steam-powered rocket bike. New Atlas was right there - check out this amazing world record footage!   Read more
Another "underwater drone" has taken to the crowdfunding circuit, this time in the form of the CCROV. While it offers the same basic functionality as some other models, it does have at least one distinguishing feature – an integrated 4K camera that sends real-time video to its operator. ​   Read more
The bigger you are, the tougher you'll find it to survive in the ocean. This is the somewhat counter-intuitive conclusion of a new study which found that larger-bodied creatures are at a greater risk of extinction, most likely the result of our growing appetite for seafood.  Read more
When we reviewed the two biggest and baddest VR headsets, the HTC Vive​ and Oculus Rift​, we thought the Vive was not only the clear winner in the short-term, but the one with the higher long-term ceiling. But Oculus has made some key changes, that could shift that landscape.   Read more
Like other automakers around the world, Lexus is gearing up for the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Along with a world-premiere crossover concept, Lexus will reveal a very different kind of concept: a web-like driver's seat crafted from synthetic spider silk.   Read more
As it stands, asthma is far from the easiest health condition to diagnose. But scientists have now come up with a new approach that could make things a whole lot easier, analyzing a single sample of a patient's saliva to pick out tell-tale signs of the disease.   Read more
When it comes to accuracy, response and low distortion reproduction, planar magnetic headphones are pretty hard to beat. But that sonic excellence can come at a very high price. Online retailer Monoprice is about to change that with some planars that definitely won't break the bank.   Read more
Five years ago, Virgin Atlantic teamed up with LanzaTech to develop a new jet fuel made from the waste gases of steel mills. Now the first 1,500 US gallons of the low-carbon jet fuel has been produced, passing performance tests and possibly ready for a proving flight by next year.   Read more
​It was only a few months ago that e-Go aeroplanes delivered its first production aircraft into the hands of its first customer. Now it is looking for a buyer to keep the company afloat and allow it to pursue development of three- and five-seater versions of its compact single-seat aircraft.  Read more
Around town, drivers and pedestrians communicate using body language and eye contact, something a self-driving car can’t do. To try and solve the problem, a Swedish company has developed a car capable of flashing a smile at pedestrians. ​   Read more
Several years ago, students from the University of Maryland achieved the world's longest human-powered helicopter flight. In 2014, a new team took over and began converting the aircraft to solar-electric power. It made its first purely sun-powered flight late last month.​   Read more
If you have an NES, you're obviously either a dedicated gamer or just someone who appreciates the classics. Regardless, you also probably know that wires can be a complete pain. Here's a solution: The Retro Receiver and Xtander in this kit allow you to play your NES wirelessly with the included controller, PS3 or 4 controllers, Wiimote, or even on your smartphone. Mario? Welcome to the future.   Read more