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Saturday, September 24, 2016


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LODD: Ohio paramedic dies from ambulance collision injuries
Conn. EMT, firefighter dies after long battle with ALS
Charlotte riots lead to air medical conference postponement
SC EMTs OK'd to use syringes to administer epinephrine: Officials said the rising cost of EpiPens played a factor in allowing EMTs to draw up the drug with syringes
Senator: 911 systems vulnerable to cyber attack: The growing concern of a cyber attack has prompted agencies to reevaluate their backup plans
Female paramedics, EMTs sue hospital over filthy locker room: The suit claims the toilets are stained, unsanitary and the drain near the toilets is infested with sewer bugs and flies
Orlando releases more Pulse nightclub shooting 911 calls
Fundraiser to aid Mich. paramedic hurt in crash
Ohio EMS to begin tactical training, support
Pa. officials discuss solutions to volunteer EMT shortage
Ohio woman overdoses with baby grandson in backseat
Video: Boy, 6, writes Obama about Syrian ambulance boy
Stop Carrying - Start Rolling
Choose the dolly-like function of the WauK® board to roll your patient into small elevators. Find out more about the WauK® board at or see our training video at
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Taylor Titanâ„¢ Soft Stretcher 
The Taylor Titanâ„¢ is the product no service can do without. The Titanâ„¢ Soft Stretcher is essential to keep patients and rescuers safe as they navigate challenges faced daily.
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Clinical scenario: A report of shots fired with multiple injuries
By Patrick Lickiss. EMS1 Columnist
You are dispatched to a law office for multiple shooting victims. What do you do?
Make the right call 
EMS incident command: Dallas police shooting
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor-in-Chief
One chief tells how quarterbacking an MCI with police fatalities changed her professionally and personally.
Hard lessons 
Bleeding control need not cost an arm and a leg
By Aaron Brosius, EMS1 Contributor
In addition to shootings and mass casualty incidents, there are many other reasons for civilian EMS providers to carry tourniquets.
Minimize loss of life 
Case study: Rescuing a pinned, suspended industrial worker
By Mike Montgomery, EMS1 Contributor
An unstable pile of sharp steel sheets pinning a worker's leg raised questions of field amputation and rescuer safety. Here's how to handle it.
4 key lessons 
Evaluating danger, risk during small acts of terrorism
By EMS1 Staff
Our co-hosts discuss a scenario about a mall stabbing and how to stop bleeding without getting grossly contaminated.
Listen to the podcast 
Escaping Violent Encounters: Break free from a wrist grab
Tourniquet application tips for EMTs and paramedics
3,148Photo: Ambulance crew helps man fulfill dying wish
1,161Are dispatchers first responders?
439LODD: Ohio paramedic dies from ambulance collision injuries
438Top 9 lies everyone new to EMS should ignore
283Fla. paramedic to receive kidney donation from ambulance partner
How cloud-based management software will save you time and money
Traditional software solutions are quickly being replaced by cloud-based best-in-class software suites, but are they the best choice for EMS agencies?
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