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Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Atlas

Over the next few days, Monaco is set to get a glimpse of the future of personal flight. Jetpack jockey David Mayman is preparing to undertake three public flights featuring his updated JB-10 jetpack, marking the first time a jetpack has flown in Europe.   Read more
Last week Artcurial held a D-Day sale where the entire contents of a World War II museum went up for auction – every aspect of perhaps the most important single military confrontation in history and a fascinating insight into the technologies of WWII and the evolution of warfare.   Read more
It was easy to miss in Apple’s barrage of announcements earlier this month, but the Apple Watch Series 1 is actually a different product from the (now-extinct) 1st-generation Apple Watch​. If only by a little. We got a Series 1 in house: Read on for our quick review.   Read more
Archaeological evidence proves that the Bible wasn't making stuff up: Hezekiah meant business when he said he was cracking down on pagans.   Read more
Hyundai launched its N sub-brand last year to develop high-performance cars. The latest car to emerge from this stable is the RN30, an aerodynamic, lightweight motorsport-inspired concept reworking of its new i30​ that's packed with driver tech.   Read more
Volkswagen opened up 2016 by previewing an electric future with the Budd-e concept. Now it's going back to the future with the all-new ID concept, an early sneak peek at a compact electric car that it plans to get to market by 2020.   Read more
Apple has signed the lease for a large new headquarters to be located in London's iconic Battersea Power Station. A heritage-protected former coal-fired power station situated on the banks of the River Thames, the site is currently undergoing a significant £8 billion (US$10 billion) redevelopment.  Read more
Scientists have been unable to develop a vaccine against the common cold, largely because there are over 100 strains of rhinoviruses, the most common cause of the infection. Now, a team at Emory University has stimulated the immune system by mixing multiple types into one vaccine.   Read more
Crowdfunding allows new ideas that might otherwise struggle to make it to market to be pitched directly to the consumer. On the flip side, some ideas struggle to find an audience for a reason. Here are a few of our favorite bullets that humanity narrowly dodged.   Read more
​Salt pollution is one of the most persistent environmental problems worldwide, but a team of scientists have come up with a way to chemically coax the salt out of soil to form crystalline "blooms" that can be harvested like saline cauliflowers.   Read more
​Like smallpox, polio and rubella before it, measles has been eliminated from the Americas. The announcement was made this week, crediting mass vaccination over the last few decades. Officials warned that measles can still be brought in from overseas, so vaccination efforts need to be maintained.   Read more
To prevent outbreaks of fungus and other microbe infestations aboard future space missions, ESA is carrying out an experiment on the International Space Station (ISS) to study the antibacterial properties of various materials in space.   Read more
Images from the unmanned MESSENGER spacecraft show that Mercury has small, cliff-like formations that suggest that the planet is contracting, which means that it has a hot, cooling interior and is the only planet in the Solar System besides Earth that's tectonically active.   Read more
Scientists at PNNL in Richland, Washington have developed a piezoelectric self-charging tracking tag that generates electricity from the fish's own movements, allowing researchers to keep tabs on them more accurately for longer periods of time.​  Read more
​In a three-day US Naval exercise, Lockheed Martin recently achieved a world-first. It used an unmanned submersible to launch an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), while an unmanned surface vehicle provided surface reconnaissance and surveillance.  Read more
The latest example of miniaturizing electronics having an impact in the medical world is a tiny camera no bigger than a grain of salt, which can be fixed to the end of a catheter and fed into arteries to provide surgeons tasked with removing plaque a live view from within. ​​   Read more
Iveco has premiered its long-haul concept truck, the Z Truck, which explores how alternative energy, new technologies and automated driving may change trucking in the future. The "Z" stands for "Zero," in the sense of zero CO2 emissions, zero accidents, zero stress and zero waste of driver time.   Read more
​Last week, New Atlas once again checked out North America's biggest bike show – Interbike. As usual, there were all sorts of goodies on hand that we wanted to share with our readers. Here's a quick look at some of them. ​   Read more
With the exception of the iPhone SE released earlier this spring, Apple generally releases its annual iPhone flagships each September. Here's a look at the array of iPhones that Apple is currently selling, and how they compare to one another.   Read more
The popularity of swimming pools can be very seasonal, with people wanting to be outside when the weather is hot and sunny, but inside when it's cold and wet. To combat this, Dutch holiday park Eiland van Maurik has had a pool built that can be both indoors and outdoors.   Read more
More than five decades after its heyday and 15 years since a new motorcycle bore its logo on the fuel tank, FB Mondial returns to mass production with the HPS 125 Hipster. The little Italian scrambler is scheduled to make its international debut next week at the Intermot Cologne show.   Read more
​​A team of researchers from MIT has discovered a circuit in the brains of mice that, when stimulated, can prolong the effects of therapy designed to suppress fear-related phobias.   Read more
It's been a busy day at Aston Martin, what with the debut of its AM37 powerboat in Monaco and the first DB11 rolling off its production line in Gaydon, UK. The DB11 takes up the baton from the DB9 and is the first of seven new Aston models planned for launch over the next seven years.   Read more
The 21st century is the age of photo and video, and it has never been easier to harness these modes of creative expression. In this 2-course bundle, you'll learn how to get the most out of your smartphone's camera, and how to create stunning digital video.   Read more