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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More New Atlas

Even though much of the world is being blanketed with internet signals through a variety of modalities, there are still places where getting a reliable high-speed broadband link is tough. AT&T has just announced a project that might help with that, called AirGig.   Read more
The International Living Futures Institute has awarded the first full certifications for its Living Product Challenge standard to a desk chair and a sit/stand desk. The scheme recognizes products that are sustainably produced, improve our quality of life, are beautifully designed and functional.   Read more
Winnebago has already established itself a camper van leader with its line of campers built atop vans from Mercedes and Ram. Now it introduces the all-new Paseo, a Ford Transit-based camper.   Read more
If you're looking to go beyond the standard fitness tracker, there are a growing number of specialist devices out there for quantifying every aspect of your existence. Skulpt just launched version 2 of its muscle tone and fat monitor at the Interbike expo, and New Atlas was there to take a look.   Read more
In 2013, the Norwegian Tourism Association hosted a competition seeking hardy self-catering mountain lodges. Winners Koko architects has recently completed the SkÃ¥pet Mountain Lodges: a cluster of off-grid cabins that keep up to 35 hikers warm and safe even in the harshest conditions.   Read more
Sena has unveiled its new smart helmet for cyclists, which includes a QHD camera, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers and an intercom system for keeping in touch with fellow riders.   Read more
The days where freight can be carted around by quiet, clean ​vehicles are creeping closer. Having teased a heavily camouflaged prototype earlier this year, Mercedes has unveiled its battery-powered Urban eTruck with a 200 km range.   Read more
Alongside the regular car and the ballistic Quadrifoglio, the Paris Motor Show will play host to two new versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. At one end of the spectrum is the miserly Advanced Efficiency, at the other sits the new Veloce.   Read more
​Imagine a traveling salesman who must visit a list of cities once, return to his starting location following the shortest possible route. This hypothetical scenario can be traced back to a paper written in 1736. Both of these algorithms are at the heart of Google’s new travel app, Google Trips.   Read more
Advanced Innovative Engineering's 650S rotary engine's small, lightweight size makes for easy integration within vehicles like the cherry red roadster it put to the track last week. AIE calls that prototype the first British sports car powered by a single rotary rotary engine.   Read more
Volvo has the gorgeous V90 and more rugged Cross Country, and Mercedes has turned the new E-Class into the delightfully practical Estate. That practicality has now been paired with a raised ride height and the motoring equivalent of gumboots to create the new E-Class All-Terrain.   Read more
The Citroen C3 is cute, but you wouldn't confuse it for an all-out rally racer. While those air-fillled bubbles might be handy in the city, they're less useful on a gravel special stage, which is why the Citroen C3 WRC Concept trades them for an aero package and all-wheel drive.   Read more
Let’s see how one of the bolder risks in recent smartphone history, the Moto Z’s​ modular design, stacks up against the unified simplicity of the iPhone 7 Plus​.   Read more
Facial expressions tell us how others are feeling, but it's far from an exact science. Now, researchers from MIT have developed EQ-Radio, a device that uses RF signals to see through that poker face and determine someone’s emotional state with high accuracy, based on their heartbeat and breathing.   Read more
Vaporless clouds have been spotted on Saturn's moon Titan for the second time. A new theory says that a process involving solid state chemistry might be involved in producing the unlikely formations.   Read more
Polaroid has announced a new version of its Snap instant camera, the Snap Touch. As the name suggests, the new model adds a touchscreen to the ink-free printing camera. We recently got the chance to try the new camera ourselves.   Read more
The latest entrant to the VTOL drone arena comes from researchers at the Delft University of Technology, whose delftAcopter relies on a helicopter propellor to be lifted off the ground and then soars like a plane once in the air. ​   Read more
​​For a while there, it was apparently possible for someone to hack a moving Tesla while on the road and activate its brakes from miles away.   Read more
Autonomous cars aren't the only vehicles being freed from the shackles of human control. In what is billed as the world's first research program on autonomous floating vessels in metropolitan areas, autonomous boats will soon be deployed in the winding canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands.   Read more
Kodak has used Photokina to reveal its upcoming 4K 360-degree VR action cam. While the Kodak Pixpro 360 4K VR isn’t due to be released until the start of next year, Kodak wants to make sure we know exactly what it will be capable of.   Read more
Most of us don't have a great relationship with our alarm clocks, given that their sole purpose is essentially to scream at us until we get up. The new Kello smart alarm clock, however, is designed to help us sleep better, snooze less and wake up earlier, all using a gentle approach.   Read more
UK studio PriestmanGoode has designed two train and tram seats aimed at alleviating the problem of overcrowding on transport networks. Both the streamlined Horizon and the adaptable Island Bay seats allow for more seating in a standard commuter carriage, while also affording more standing space.   Read more
The future USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) suffered an "engineering casualty" shortly after leaving Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. The guided-missile destroyer suffered only minor damage, but was forced to return to Norfolk for assessment and repair.   Read more
The world runs on data, and the demand for competent database engineers and analysts is ever-growing. This 86-hour bundle will immerse you in tools like SQL, Minitab, and MongoDB, while ensuring you have the statistical analytical skills to be a major asset to any company.   Read more