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Monday, September 19, 2016


September 19, 2016|View as webpage
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LODD: Veteran NJ EMT dies after training drill
Police capture man sought in NY area bombings
Ind. ambulance involved in rollover crash
3 remain hospitalized after medical helicopter crash: Officials from the FAA and NTSB are investigating; there were no patients on board
AHA recommends standards to improve dispatcher-assisted CPR:The recommendations are accompanied by performance goals to measure successful implementation by first responders
Mont. struggles with statewide emergency volunteer shortage:People who run the departments say those in their early 20s to mid-40s are less likely to volunteer than their predecessors
Fla. paramedic injured after ambulance, vehicle collision
'Heroic' paramedics aid wounded Texas officers during shooting
Female firefighters, EMTs release calendar to benefit teen with cancer
4 killed, over 40 injured in NC bus crash
Ill. EMT, felon face charges after police shooting
Tenn. man arrested for stealing ambulance
You Need to Try This Online Training
The best online EMS training is now in a new learning management system. 
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Should EMTs, EMRs be allowed to draw up epi?
By EMS1 Staff
Here's a roundup of states that allow EMS personnel to draw up epi from an ampoule or vial.
Greater access 
Body armor for EMS: 4 success tips to fund through AFG
By Rachel Stemerman, EMS1 Columnist
Ballistic protective equipment for active shooter response is eligible for Assistance to Firefighters grant funding.
Get protected 
Why Capnography?
From Medtronic: Further, Together
Toughbook CF–19 MK6– 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 3yr warranty– Only $1,795! From Telrepco
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Harnessing the power of public safety communications centers
By Jay Fitch, PhD, EMS1 Columnist
Enable communications personnel to be the brains of the service and recognize their important quasi-supervisory role.
Enhance your agency 
What do I know? I’m just a paramedic
By Justin Schorr, EMS1 Contributor 
Dealing with customers is a challenge, to say the least.
Everyday challenges 
Tourniquet application tips for EMTs and paramedics
Steve Whitehead reminds EMS providers to apply limb tourniquets as high as possible and to document the time a tourniquet was placed on the patient's limb.
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The amazing nose of a search-and-rescue dog
Rescue task force training and implementation steps
567EMS Artwork: Fighting off the reaper
345Does Trendelenburg belong in the EMS toolkit?
221Body armor for EMS: 4 success tips to fund through AFG
13125 injured in explosion in NYC neighborhood
1117 things you should and should not spend your first paramedic paycheck on
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