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Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Atlas (gizmag)

The iPhone 7 isn't quite the new black, but it does establish a new high watermark for "basic". Like a great pair of jeans, the iPhone 7 is straightforward, versatile and attractive. Its good fit is worth it, even if some specs fall short of superlative. ​   Read more
The 7 Series has long served as BMW's flagship, setting a benchmark for the executive sedan class and for 2016 several changes have been made. We spent a week in the 2016 BMW 750i to assess the many changes and luxuriate in opulence.   Read more
Studio Lokal is planning to build a new residential high-rise located on a former vegetable market in Copenhagen. Taking inspiration from its location, it will feature over 200 balcony gardens on which residents will be encouraged to grow their own produce for eating, selling, and trading.  Read more
Cercacor is the latest company to be showing off its wares at the Interbike Expo in Las Vegas, launching the Ember: a hemoglobin tracker and scanner device that links to your smartphone to give you an almost instant assessment of your body's reaction to exercise.   Read more
Tiny Idahomes' most recent tiny house can expand in size and features a dining room, bedroom, and lounge that slide out with the push of a button. It's currently on the market for US$68,899.   Read more
Revealed at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, the flashy Navara EnGuard pickup concept is designed for rescue in the world's most remote, extreme environments. It includes an onboard drone and a portable power supply derived from Nissan Leaf battery tech.   Read more
The question of why time moves forwards, and not backwards, has long been on the minds of physicists. Now, a professor at UC Berkeley has a new theory: as the universe expands, it drives the expansion of time, which creates a constant series of new “now” moments.   Read more
Last year, a startup based in London sought funding for the Hummingbird. After comfortably reaching its Kickstarter goal last year, the 6.7 kg (14.8 lb) carbon fiber bike is set to become a production reality with a bit of help from motorsports outfit Prodrive.  Read more
Electric powertrains might hog the headlines, but hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are also shaping up as a viable alternative to internal combustion engines. The new Hyundai H350 Fuel Cell Concept takes just four minutes to refuel and can travel up to 422 km (262 mi) on a single tank.   Read more
Hypoxia is regarded as the biggest safety concern of the US fixed-wing air fleets, and now a new system for monitoring pilot breathing and collecting in-flight data on hypoxia incidents is being developed.   Read more
The electric vehicle world speed record has remained steady since the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2.5 electric streamliner set a 307.7-mph (495 km/h) mark in 2010. That changed on Monday, when the VBB-3 sped to a new electric vehicle record just over 341.4 mph (549.4 km/h).​   Read more
​Everybody's butt is unique. It would only seem logical, then, that an "off-the-rack" bicycle saddle isn't going to deliver an optimum fit. That's where Meld enters the picture. It's a saddle that's manufactured using a posterior impression that the buyer sends in. ​   Read more
​Electronic gear-shifting systems for bikes already make life easier for cyclists. Baron Controls, however, is out to make things even easier. Its new ProShift device works with existing electronic shifting systems, automatically taking care of the shifting for the rider.   Read more
Volvo goes to some effort to protect the safety of not just passengers inside its vehicles, but those on the outside, too. Now the company is fitting its detection tech to its fleet of buses, which will begin automatically sounding warnings to alert unprotected road users of potential collisions.   Read more
The Ocean Cleanup Project laid eyes on its target when it ventured into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with 30 research vessels one year ago, and now the team is taking its prying eyes to the skies to gain an aerial perspective on the task at hand. ​​  Read more
Bentley has announced a new version of its Bentayga SUV - and it's a diesel. Indeed, it's the first diesel ever produced by Bentley and the luxury brand claims it's the most powerful and the fastest luxury diesel SUV you can get your hands on.   Read more
Adding data like speed, lap times, direction and altitude to racing and action videos will now be easier for owners of 360fly cameras. The company has formed a partnership with Race Render that will allow users to place informative overlays on their videos without extensive post-production work.   Read more
MakerBot has unveiled the Replicator+ and Replicator Mini+ 3D printers, which are faster and quieter than their predecessors, with bigger build volumes and a new build plate. The company has also detailed a new Smart Extruder, a tougher PLA filament, and updates to the MakerBot web and mobile apps.   Read more
Electric vehicles have a huge range of potential applications, from ludicrous passenger cars to distribution trucks, but delivery vans running around the city stacks up as one of the best uses of quiet, zero-local emissions technology​.   Read more
Mini has released specifications and information on the new John Cooper Works Clubman model, which combines the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine available in the Mini Cooper and Clubman with JCW goodies plus a unique all-wheel drive system.   Read more
SanDisk has a new memory card with more storage space than many computers. Parent company Western Digital announced a prototype one terabyte (TB) SDXC card at the Photokina trade fair in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday.   Read more
You can take your music anywhere thanks to your mobile device, but you need the quality headphones to match the limitless library. Listen to your playlist without getting tangled up in the cords, and fold up these Bluetooth headphones to take them—and your soundtrack—with you everywhere. They're designed to both aesthetic and audio perfection - so they won’t disappoint while playing your favorite song or take up too much space in your bag.   Read more