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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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September 19, 2016|View as webpage
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LODD: NJ FF dies after training drill
Vol. FF saves man trapped in burning car
NY FF runs half marathon in full gear
Milwaukee fire station burglarized during false alarm: Laptops, tables and cellphones were stolen; an investigation is ongoing
SD firefighter fired over racist Facebook comments: Facebook users took a screenshot of the firefighter’s post and reposted it to the department’s page
FDNY restarts fast-tracking for minority firefighter jobs: Union officials disagree with the program because candidates would be handpicked; others say it will increase diversity
Fla. firefighter injured after ambulance, vehicle collision
Police capture man sought in NY area bombings
Officials: Staffing levels 'inadequate' at Calif. fire dept.
Residents near ex-Navy bases sue makers of firefighting foam
Fallen Minn. firefighter honored
Firefighters use olive oil to free man stuck in jetty
How to Mitigate Your Exposure to Smoke Particles
Learn how firefighters can be better protected from the harmful effects of exposure to smoke particles, along with:
*What risks firefighters face
*Where firefighters are most vulnerable to smoke particles
*How firefighters can mitigate risks
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How one fire department reduced firefighters' overhaul risks
By Charles Bailey, FR1 Columnist
Simple tools and processes can reduce exposure risk without compromising the fire mission.
Step up your game 
4 ways to bomb a firefighter candidate interview
By Mike Pertz, FR1 Contributor
Here's a look at why even a great candidate can be cut after the interview and the steps to avoid these big mistakes.
First impressions 
Innovations in stroke care: How your fire department can improve patient outcomes (Webinar)
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Safe driving practices
Understanding all of the limitations of a fire apparatus is what sets apart good, safe drivers.
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Failed bomb detonation in NJ
Firefighters battle NY house fire
Datalux Rugged LCD Monitors and Touchscreens
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5683 Va. counties receive $4M in grants for new firefighters
480Why running lights and sirens is dangerous
312Fallen Minn. firefighter honored
25725 injured in explosion in NYC neighborhood
174100-year-old bell restored at Pa. fire station
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