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Saturday, September 24, 2016

TIMH Group Therapy

Group Therapy Training Program
Beginning November 2016
The Training program offers three training tracks:
Track 1: A two-year program involving seminars, supervision, leading group therapy, and personal group therapy.

Track 2: A segmental program wherein a trainee may choose one and/or two components, thereby allowing maximum flexibility over an extended period of time.

Track 3: A module program wherein there are two 4.5 hour academic seminars on Saturdays per trimmester, for a total time commitment of 6 seminars for the year (three trimesters). This track allows for an introduction to the basic concepts of group therapy and theory but could also be credited for those who want to pursue the entire program. This module does not include the group supervision component of the program.

Significant Features:
  1. Seminars and supervision held on Saturday mornings
  2. All other aspects of the program are individually arranged
  3. Completion of the program may meet requirements to become a CGP (Certified Group Psychotherapist) from AGPA as well as, for social workers, supervised clinical hours toward license requirements in New York and possibly other states.
  4. Certificate is awarded upon completion.
For further information, please contact:
Dr. George Lynn at 
860-227-0676 or
Dr. Albert Brok at