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Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Atlas

Camping may be all about unplugging so you can focus on simplicities like babbling cricks and crickets and crackling fires, but that doesn't mean a few gadgets can't enhance the experience. Many handy camping gadgets are just shipping now or being introduced with Spring 2017 release dates.   Read more
​The Cassini spacecraft has entered the final year of its epic mission to explore the Saturnian system. Join New Atlas as we take a look at a selection of the spacecraft's many scientific achievements, and how the probe will ultimately meet its dramatic end in September 2017.   Read more
We could almost review the iPhone 7 Plus by pointing to our iPhone 7 review and saying "That. But bigger." There is at least one key difference, though, between Apple's standard and phablet flagships this year. It's New Atlas' iPhone 7 Plus review.   Read more
Treatments for symptoms of spinal cord injuries may be a step closer, as researchers at UCSF have transplanted human neurons into mice with these injuries, and found that over time they made new connections in the spine, reducing chronic pain and helping the mice regain some bladder control.   Read more
To help avoid the inconvenience of losing a GPS navigation signal in tunnels, a system of wireless transmitters, known as Waze Beacons, have been developed that can send navigation signals directly to mobile devices via Bluetooth   Read more
As part of our One Big Question series, we got in touch with Edward Maibach from George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change and asked: Despite the evidence, why do some people react so vehemently against the idea that rapid, human induced global warming is an actual phenomenon?   Read more
After several mirrorless missteps, it feels like Canon might has finally got it right with the EOS M5. We recently went hands-on with the surprisingly diminutive camera and were left feeling hopeful that this could be the mirrorless shooter some Canon fans have been waiting for.   Read more
Though BIG is increasingly associated with major projects, it's most recent build is on a much smaller scale. The firm used recycled solar-powered shipping containers to produce prototype floating housing for Copenhagen students.   Read more
Ride-sharing and carpooling services already offer ways to get around town without having to own a car. Dutch startup Amber is launching a no-hassle on-demand​ car-sharing service that will feature its own electric car, the Amber One​, that's been specifically designed for sharing.  Read more
We're very used to writing about cars with names like "Ferrari" and "McLaren" blowing past the 200-mph (322-km/h) mark, but this month, it's the more everyday names of Volkswagen and Honda. Both automakers drove specially prepared land speed record cars to over 200 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.   Read more
Few cars seem as ready to be made electric as the Smart ForTwo and ForFour. The new Smart Electric Drive, with up to 160 km range and torquey motors, could be the perfect runabout for inner city commuters with one eye on the environment.   Read more
Bell helicopter has unveiled its new V-247 Vigilant tiltrotor drone for the US Marine Corps. Like the company's V-22 Osprey, the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) can lift off and hover like a helicopter, yet has the range and speed of a fixed-wing aircraft.   Read more
​Vaccines and treatments are constantly improving, but getting them to remote locations remains a challenge. Now a team at Wyss Institute has developed a portable system that can produce key biomolecules for treatment on demand, with no need for power or refrigeration – just add water.  Read more
Along with a big update to Autopilot, Tesla's latest software iteration overhauls the layout of the central touchscreen and adds a clever Cabin Overheat Protection system designed to keep pets and children left in cars cool.  Read more
A new study has found that 40 million years ago a hotspot softened the mantle rock beneath Greenland in a way that has recently come to fool scientists trying to gauge ice loss in the area. So much so, that it has been losing around 20 gigatons per year more than we previously thought. ​  Read more
Toggling a pickup selector mid-song can dramatically change the sound of an electric guitar, but available tones can be fairly limited. The Custom Collection 50 Deluxe offers multiple tone options – selected by combining the 4-way blade switch positions with push/pull volume and tone knobs.  Read more
Announced today, Flybrix's drones come in the form of Lego kits that kids build themselves, crash and build again, all for the thrill of bringing high-flying creations to life and developing engineering skills and creativity in the process.   Read more
Non-electrified rail networks are often served by diesel-powered trains. Alstom, however, has developed an environmentally friendly alternative. The electric Coradia iLint not only produces zero emissions, but features a smart energy management system and goes about its business nice and quietly.   Read more
For Danish startup Spiri, personal car ownership is too inefficient, traditional ride-sharing services too expensive and public transport too inconvenient. It's self-drive carpooling service is promised to get you where you need to be at the price of a bus ticket for passengers and free for drivers.  Read more
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany have created a system that can move and manipulate particles using holograms made of sound   Read more
The need for today's drivers to have access to a wide array of information at a glance has led designers to rethink traditional cabin layouts. Lexus is using the Paris Motor Show to share a peek at its vision for a connected, intuitive interior.   Read more
Part of the process of earning a top-paying project management job is earning the certifications that recruiters are looking for in candidates. This in-depth bundle will offer you training for many of the most popular exams available, including the gold standard: PMP. Not only will you learn broad concepts for effectively running projects and managing team members, but you'll prep for the exams that will prove your knowledge in the eyes of the companies doing the hiring.   Read more