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Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Italy orders man to buy feminist books for prostitute
An image of a customer meeting a prostitute. Photo: Italian investigators
A court in Rome has handed down an unusual penalty to the client of an underage prostitute, ordering him to buy her 30 books on the theme of women's dignity, Italian media reported Friday. 
    Pope holds multi-faith meeting with Nice victims
    Pope Francis kisses a baby on arrival at his weekly audience in St Peter's Square. Photo: Vincenzo Pinto/ AFP
    Pope Francis will on Saturday hold a multi-faith meeting of grieving relatives and survivors of an attack in France in July when a jihadist ploughed his truck into a crowd in Nice. 
      The real reasons young Italians aren't having kids
      Why have Italians seemingly stopped making babies? File photo: Pexels
      Italy's government is campaigning to get Italians to have babies - but what are the reasons behind the slowing birthrate? 
      Renzi vows to restore quake towns to former glory
      Amatrice, the town worst hit by the August 24th quake. Photo: AFP
      "The areas will be more beautiful than before," Italy's Prime Minister promised, one month on from the earthquake. 
      Italy spearheads citizen drive for EU soil policy
      Italian farmland. Photo: michael kooiman/Flickr
      An area of fertile soil the size of Berlin is lost across the EU each year. 
      Italian PM dismisses idea of Rome 2024 Olympics
      Happier times: Renzi announcing Rome's candidacy for the 2024 Games. Photo: Andreas Solaro/AFP
      It looks like it's all over. 
      Yet another earthquake strikes in central Italy
      Damaged houses in Accumoli, where another earthquake has struck. Photo: AFP
      Repeated aftershocks since the initial quake have made recovery difficult in the disaster-hit region. 
      Rome reopens historic Spanish steps after renovation
      The steps re-opened with a spectacular ceremony. Photo: Tiziana Fabi/AFP
      A €1.5 million restoration has restored the steps to their former glory. 
      Learning Italian
      The phrases you'll need to survive at work in Italy
      Vital Italian phrases to use at work in Italy. Photo: Fortune Live Media/flickr
      Living and working in Italy is a dream come true for many, but the language barrier can make the transition daunting. Here are the vital phrases you'll need in an Italian office. 
      Why coffee in Italy is a culture you must taste to understand
      Photo: Red Flake/Flickr
      "To live in Italy, one must do more than drink coffee. One must understand coffee."  
      Italy's tourist jewel feels the strain of fame
      The Cinque Terre village of Vernazza. Photo: Lucadea/Flickr
      A surge in the number of Chinese visitors is only one of the reasons that the Cinque Terre, a Unesco world heritage site that is home to some 5,000 people, attracted 2.5 million tourists last year. 
      So why do pasta-loving Italians live such long lives?
      Photo: Dana McMahan/Flickr
      "The point is this: the time-tested traditions of the Italian kitchen contain more wisdom than any scientific study ever could."  
      Trastevere: From a fiery past to Rome’s souvenir stand
      Photo: Mozzercork/Flickr
      Walk into Rome’s Trastevere neighbourhood and it feels like a theme park. But it wasn't so long ago the picturesque area was considered one of Europe's most interesting, especially with its fiery, and violent, history. 
      More news
      After Olympics snub, Rome mayor embraces Euros
      Rome mayor Virginia Raggi attends the Euro 2020 launch. Photo: AFP
      Rome will stage four matches during the Euro 2020 championships 
      Italian lawyer sues airline after 9-hour flight next to fat man
      File photo of an Emirates plane: Pascal Pavani/AFP
      The man spent nine hours being crushed by his overweight seat companion. 
      Divorced couples must return valuable gifts: top Italian court
      Expensive gifts must be returned to the giver after divorce. Photo: Pexels
      Turns out diamonds aren't forever. 
      Ai WeiWei's new Italy exhibition tackles migrant crisis
      Artist Ai WeiWei at the exhibition. Photo: AFP.
      The artist has covered a historical Florence building in lifeboats to evoke the thousands of refugees who flee to Italy each year. 
      Massive 'Slow Food' Festival kicks off in Italy
      The Salone del Gusto in a previous year. Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP
      The Slow Food movement began in Italy and today has 100,000 members worldwide. 
      From our other editions
      Rape victim stabs Syrian asylum seeker
      Vienna's 16th district, Ottakring. Photo: Michael Kranewitter/Wikimedia 
      A 45-year-old Moroccan asylum seeker has been arrested for attempted murder in Vienna after stabbing a 27-year-old Syrian man who he claims drugged and raped him.  
      Swiss populist attacked by knife-wielding pensioner
      Former Swiss minister Christoph Blocher at a meeting of the Swiss People's Party. Photo: Fabrice Coffrini / AFP
      The longtime strongman of Switzerland's populist right Christoph Blocher was attacked by an elderly man carrying a knife after a political debate in Zurich, but escaped unharmed, a newspaper reported on Sunday. 
      Merkel faces new gains by anti-migrant AfD in Berlin
      Berlin mayor Michael Mueller together with foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Hamburg's Mayor Olaf Scholz at the closing rally for the SPD party's campaign. Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa
      Berlin residents voted in state elections on Sunday, as a wave of protest voting against her welcome to refugees was expected to hit the hip, multicultural capital. 
      Denmark home to world’s lamest iPhone 7 launch
      Somehow, we don't think that the scene in Viborg is what Tim Cook was hoping for. Photo: Josh Edelson/Scanpix
      "When you see that clip, you can’t help but to smile.” 
      The Local list
      Seven reasons why autumn is the very best season in Spain
      Valle del Jerte, Extremadura. Photo: Raúl A./Flickr
      Tourists may flock to Spain during the summer months in search of sun, sea and sangria but autumn is actually the best season to spend in Spain. The Local tells you why: 
      Photo: Tiziana Fabi/AFP
      Eight things you should know about Rome's Spanish Steps 
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