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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Atlas

Luke Workman is a complete maniac. He's also one of the world's leading lithium battery pack designers for electric vehicles, and he's come up with a revolutionary battery design that he says could bring on clean, quiet, long-distance, commercial-scale supersonic airliners.   Read more
Last August, Redshift Sports launched a Kickstarter campaign for its road-focused and very normal-looking ShockStop suspension stem. That campaign was a success, and the stem is about to hit the marketplace. We recently had the chance to try one out. ​​   Read more
​The Apple Watch Series 2 has a few new tricks up its sleeve, but will you want to wear it on yours? While its processor, display, and interactivity make it impressively capable, the new Apple Watch can perform more tasks than ever, yet it doesn’t seem to be the perfect tool for any of them.​  Read more
After months of beta testing, Apple just pushed out the final version of macOS Sierra to compatible iMacs, MacBooks and Mac Minis. The new OS marks another stage in the Mac's evolution, and introduces a certain well-known digital assistant to the desktop too.   Read more
Renault, Nissan and Microsoft have announced that they are working together on connected driving technologies. The partnership is expected to deliver developments in vehicle navigation, maintenance prediction, remote control and monitoring, mobile platforms and over-the-air updates.   Read more
​Komatsu​'s latest autonomous truck fully embraces the notion of unmanned operation by ditching the cabin and adopting a design that optimizes load distribution and doesn't distinguish between forwards and backwards.   Read more
What if you could take one of the comfiest places to park your butt on dry land and put in on the water? Mounting a hammock on a boat, the MelloShip does just that, letting users hang out on the water or attach an electric motor to cruise in comfort.   Read more
​The world's oldest known recording of computer-generated music has been restored to its former glory by a team from the British Library. Taken from an acetate cut recording made by the BBC in 1951, the songs were generated by the Ferranti Mark I computer.   Read more
Kidney stones aren't anyone's idea of a good time, but treating them could be more fun than we think. The prescription? A day at Walt Disney World. Researchers have found that roller coasters are an effective way to dislodge kidney stones, with tests showing a success rate of almost 70 percent.   Read more
McLaren has announced an all-electric P1, which speeds from 0 to top speed in a mere two seconds. Admittedly, the feat is a little less impressive when you realize that top speed is 3 mph (4.8 km/h) and the open-top roadster is aimed at children six and under.  Read more
New evidence revealed by NASA today suggests Europa might offer us a helping hand when it comes to studying its presumed subsurface ocean, by ejecting water plumes out into space and spraying its surface with more easily sampled material in the process.​   Read more
We recently got to go hands-on with the newly announced Leica Sofort instant camera. Read on to see what we made of the stylish shooter, and whether the blast from the past that is instant photography is worth revisiting.   Read more
Roku has refreshed its line-up of video streaming players, with the aim of catering for all types of viewers. Most notably, it is offering a new entry-level device at US$30, undercutting Google's $35 Chromecast, and has introduced new higher end models that can stream in 4K UHD.​   Read more
New research has revealed the crafty maneuver that peptides use to slip past the cell's defenses and contribute to Alzheimer's, whereby they first change shape to form stacks of long, flat sheets. The finding may offer up new opportunities to intervene in the onset of the disease.​​   Read more
It seems like tiny houses have been growing in size lately, but Escape's Vista Go bucks this trend. The relatively small and inexpensive tiny house retains the same generous glazing boasted by its predecessor, the Vista, and also offers excellent craftsmanship and an off-grid package.   Read more
Think your Mac is great now? Wait until you've added these 12 award-winning apps to give its performance a boost, get yourself organized, and transform your photos with the world's leading HDR photo editor, Aurora HDR. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You're really going to like your new look, Mac.   Read more