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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


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Ambulance crew helps man fulfill dying wish
Orlando, media continue to fight over Pulse 911 calls
Prince William talks of 'dark moments' in air ambulance job
Why EMS providers should watch 'The White Helmets': Experience the violence and destruction in Syria through the eyes and voices of volunteer first responders who rush in to search for victims in the rubble
Court: Chicago Fire Dept. paramedic test discriminates against women:The unanimous ruling questioned the relevance of certain aspects of the required physical performance test
Fla. paramedic to receive kidney donation from ambulance partner:Chris Cruz learned he had an auto-immune disease that would destroy his kidneys at age 19
Mass. ambulance damaged in crash, 2 EMS personnel hurt
Medics in NC county have administered 1.4K doses of Narcan to date
Miss. dispatch problems delay ambulance for injured firefighter
Colo. dispatch centers file complaints over 911 outages
Ohio city to consider lawsuit settlement in ambulance crash
EMTs give paralyzed Cubs fan lift to Wrigley Field
450lb Patient Stuck Beside Toilet
Sheets are for sleeping, tarps are for transferring, the Binder Lift is for lifting. Watch this short video to see the Binder Lift in action.
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4 lessons for EMS providers from Urban Shield
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
High-fidelity, full-scale exercises for SWAT and EMS at Urban Shield 2016 create a unique and memorable MCI and active shooter training experience.
High-fidelity training 
Why airway management is important to patient safety
By Center for Patient Safety, EMS1 Columnist
Because every patient is different, EMS providers must have a range of airway skills and a strong degree of experience.
Airway adverse events 
Synergy 8 & Crestline Coach announce Saskatchewan Pediatric Ambulance
Now Available from theEMSstore: The Exclusive Blue Leatherman Raptor
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Epinephrine Auto-InjectorAvailable in either an adult or child dose, 2 per pack.
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How a dispatcher's visual perception improves patient outcomes
By Eli Jaffe et al., EMS1 Contributors
Technology to photograph, video and broadcast from an emergency incident to a dispatcher shortens EMS response, improves bystander care and ensures better patient treatment at hospitals.
Urgent decisions 
Are dispatchers first responders?
By Melissa Mann, EMS1 Contributor
The feds do not recognize 911 dispatchers as first responders, and that can have important consequences for all responders.
Why it matters 
AFG is Now Open! Are You Prepared?
The Assistance to Firefighters Grant is now open. Did you know EMS can apply too? Contact the EMSGrantsHelp team to get you started on your project today!
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645Female firefighters, EMTs release calendar to benefit teen with cancer
349The 7 best EMS movies of all time
312Body armor for EMS: 4 success tips to fund through AFG
227Does Trendelenburg belong in the EMS toolkit?
182LODD: Veteran NJ EMT dies after training drill
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