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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sheepshead Bites

Overflowing Garbage Cans Plaguing The Neighborhood; Sanitation Can’t Keep Up

By Sean Egan on Oct 12, 2016 03:11 pm
Photo via Flickr/Oatsy40The garbage cans on the sidewalk on some of the busiest streets in the neighborhood, such as Emmons Avenue and Sheepshead Bay Road, have been rendered useless because they are usually overflowing with trash. It’s an issue that residents of the community have complained about often, and with regularity, according to Theresa Scavo, the chairperson [...]

Power Outages In Gerritsen Beach And Parts Of Zip Codes 11235, And 11229

By Sean Egan on Oct 12, 2016 01:40 pm
Photo via Facebook/Con EdisonConsolidated Edison (ConEd) is currently responding to power outages in Gerritsen Beach and parts of Sheepshead Bay, according to an alert sent out by Notify NYC. Residents are advised to turn off all of their appliances, avoid downed power lines, and keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed to keep food from spoiling. People are also [...]

Have You Ever Thought About Running For Elected Office?

By Sarah Crean on Oct 12, 2016 12:00 pm
city-council.jpgAre you civic minded? Have you ever thought about running for public office? Thoughtful and dedicated people are needed at all levels of government — here’s your chance to learn how to get involved. New York City Councilmembers Laurie Cumbo, Inez Barron and Darlene Mealy, all from Brooklyn, will host a forum for those that [...]

Wishing Our Readers An Easy Fast On Yom Kippur

By Donny Levit on Oct 12, 2016 10:00 am
yom-kippur.jpgJewish communities began their observance of Yom Kippur at sundown last night. The holiday is considered the holiest day of the year. Yom Kippur is often referred to in the English language as the Day of Atonement. A main component of the holiday is fasting for 24 hours. Jews break the fast tonight at sundown. [...]

Morning Mug: “They Who Can Give Up Essential Liberty To Obtain A Little Temporary Safety Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Safety.” — Ben Franklin

By Sean Egan on Oct 12, 2016 09:55 am
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