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Friday, October 7, 2016

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Koran street giveaway banned again
Persian Koran. Photo: Anon/Wikimedia
A controversial Quran distribution campaign which intelligence services have warned is used as a recruitment tool for radical Islamists has been banned. 
Muslim auto attacker cried to his Mum
Photo: Paul Gillingwater
A Muslim accused of terrorism when he allegedly tried to run over a man with his car and was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar" is said to have cried after his arrest, his mum says. 
Pensioner conned out of €2.3m in fake share scam
Photo: Usien
A pensioner from Carinthia has been conned out of around €2.3m after “investing” in fake shares for years.  
Salzburg removes benches from train station
Photo: ORF
The benches in front of Salzburg train station have been removed in a move to discourage homeless people, beggars and drug addicts from congregating there. 
Olympic judo champion charged with sexual assault of pupils
Seisenbacher. Photo: Manfred Werner/Wikimedia
Austrian double Olympic judo champion Peter Seisenbacher has been charged with sexually abusing two young girls he was coaching. 
    Boutique in Vienna shopping district found floorless
    Joel Mabel/Wikimedia
    Boutique owners returned to their shop in central Vienna to find a three-meter deep hole where the floor used to be. 
      Würzburg, Salzburg? After Oktoberfest it's all the same
      Oktoberfest visitors at a train station. Photo: DPA
      A young man from Austria had trouble distinguishing between two not so similar place names after a weekend at Munich's famous beer festival - and ended up in the wrong country. 
        Op ed
        Life as a new expat in Vienna
        Photo: Paul Gillingwater
        Anastasia Gromontova is a student recently arrived from Ukraine. She writes about her experience as an expat in Vienna in her first year. 
        V-J Day Kiss woman passes on
        Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Life Magazine
        The woman whose participation in an impromptu kiss celebrating the end of the war with Japan has died on Thursday after a brief illness at the age of 92.  
        Seven things that surprised me about Austrians
        Wien Tourismus
        As she prepares to leave Vienna after three years living here, the Local’s Maddy French muses over some of the things that surprised her about Austrians. 
        Ghost of Austria's 'last monarch' still looms large
        Franz Josef in 1905. Photo: Library of Congress
        Even a century after his death, Austria's mutton-chop whiskered emperor Franz Joseph still looms large in the national consciousness. 
        Austria's refugee crisis: One year on
        Donations being handed to Train of Hope to be distributed to refugees. Photo: Facebook/Train of Hope
        A look back on a year since 71 refugees and migrants were discovered in the back of a truck in Austria, having suffocated to death while being smuggled into central Europe. 
        More news
        First pregnant woman in Austria tests positive for Zika
        Canwest News/Wikimedia
        A pregnant woman from Salzburg has been diagnosed with the Zika virus, following her return from a vacation in the Dominican Republic. 
        Trans woman accepted by colleagues and family
        Photo: Weglet/Wikimedia
        A hospital director who went home as Klaus returned the next day to work as director Klaudia after deciding to live life as a woman. 
        Pub brawl leaves three in hospital
        File Photo: Andrew Alder
        Three people have been hospitalised after a brawl erupted between Bosnian migrants who used knives and a gas pistol to settle a pub fight. 
        Camper van tourists survive dramatic mountain plunge
        View of the Hahntennjoch Pass. Photo: Christian Klingler/Wikimedia
        Two tourists in a camper van were lucky to survive a crash down the side of a cliff on a scenic mountain pass. 
        Catholic brochure explains Christian symbols and culture
        Photo: Kathpress/Henning Klingen
        The Archbishop of Vienna has published a brochure to ask migrants and refugees to respect Christian symbols, traditions and culture. 
        From our other editions
        Tampon-tax protest turns Zurich fountains red
        Food colouring and not blood was used in the action. Photo:
        Thirteen fountains in the city of Zurich turned blood red on Tuesday. 
        Oktoberfest sees lowest number of visitors in 15 years
        Photo: DPA.
        The world’s most famed beer fest experienced its lowest turnout since the September 11th 2001 attacks, but at the same time had an increase in sex crimes reported. 
        Queen Margrethe: Denmark 'not a multicultural country'
        Queen Margrethe's comment came in a wide-ranging interview with Der Spiegel. Photo: JAN WOITAS/Scanpix
        Queen Margrethe II says Denmark has become more diverse and that she represents “all people who are citizens of the Danish nation”. 
        Ten gorgeous undiscovered Spanish seaside towns
        Get off the beaten track and discover one of Spain's beautiful beach towns. Photo:
        You've heard of the partying capitals in Mallorca or the gastronomic hubs of San Sebastián - but what about the other lovable seaside towns in Spain? 
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