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Saturday, October 8, 2016

New Atlas

From the all-electric i3 to hybrids like the X5 XDrive40e and glorious i8 supercar, BMW has been ramping up it's low-emissions offering in recent times. Now the i3 itself has been given an upgrade that adds a whopping 50 percent more range.   Read more
Rinspeed has been busy with autonomous driving recently, showing off its vision for a driverless world with creations like the Etos and XchangeE. Come CES 2017, those cars will have a new stablemate, with the launch of the Oasis concept.   Read more
​All of the smartphones bursting into flames these days has us thinking about batteries. Specifically, we were wondering if the need to periodically discharge cell phone batteries to keep them conditioned is really necessary. So, as part of our regular One Big Question series, we asked an expert.   Read more
Sony has announced updates to two of its most popular cameras. The A6500 is a new flagship APS-C mirrorless shooter, while the RX100 V is the latest iteration of the firm’s premium compact line. Both cameras come with their own “world’s fastest” claims.   Read more
​Modern headlamps are much brighter and whiter than in the past, but sometimes brighter isn't better. Daimler has developed a new smart pixel system, able to more precisely mold its beam than existing adaptive headlights, cutting down on dazzle in the process.   Read more
The winner of RIBA's Stirling Prize, the UK's most prestigious award for architecture, has been announced. Caruso St John Architects got the nod for its Newport Street Gallery, a free art gallery open to the public which hosts British artist Damien Hirst's private collection.   Read more
A team at Disney Research has developed a method for crafting 3D printable objects with metal balls embedded inside, which allows the average user to design models that can pull off some quirky balancing acts.   Read more
Virtual reality continues its push into Hollywood with the announcement today that the long-awaited sequel to Blade Runner will have exclusive accompanying VR content on the Oculus Rift to be released around the film's launch in October 2017.   Read more
Data from the Hubble Space Telescope has helped solve the mystery of a seemingly impossible starthat has been shedding gigantic "cannonballs" of energetic plasma once every 8.5 years for the past 400 years.  Read more
To entice kids into the field of microbiology, scientists at Stanford have developed a DIY smartphone microscope that lets users take a closer look at the microscopic world and allows microbes to be controlled in real-time so they can be used to play games like soccer or Pac-Man​.   Read more
​​The Greyp G12S was a beast of an e-bike, but its power kept it mostly in the dirt. Now Greyp has toned it down with the G12H, a street-legal version that trades in the 70 km/h top speed of its predecessor’s Power mode for a battery with twice the capacity and a range of up to 240 km (149 miles).​   Read more
Up until now, the VR experience has primarily been a solo one. But at the Oculus Connect keynote earlier today, Mark Zuckerberg promised that a whole new social dynamic help establish VR as the computing platform of the future.   Read more
Over the last few years, we’ve seen Oculus’​ events grow from tiny demos to more traditional Silicon Valley dog and pony shows. The pooches and ponies were out in full force today, and we’re on the ground in San Jose with impressions of the big announcements from Oculus’ VR keynote.   Read more
Powder made from spent coffee grounds can be used to rid water of harmful heavy metal ions, although the powder then needs to be filtered out of the water. Scientists have developed a step-saving alternative, in the form of a filter made of coffee-impregnated foam.​   Read more
​​Among the reasons that some people give for not using bicycle helmets is the claim that they take up too much room in a bag when taken off … but a group of entrepreneurs are out to change that, with a helmet folds down like an accordion when not in use.   Read more
​A few years back, drone-maker senseFly launched its eBee fixed-wing drone with a firm eye on agricultural applications. Now the company has announced an upgrade, the eBee Plus, which along with longer flight times, packs a new sensor promised to provide more precise mapping.   Read more
​There are currently two main ways in which dentists look for cavities: visual inspections and x-rays. Now, technology being developed at Toronto's York University could provide a more effective alternative.  Read more
Google's self-driving vehicles have now driven over two million miles on public roads and, as you might expect, the first million looked very different to the second. Freeways, light traffic and simple intersections have given way to complex city streets, advanced roadcraft and social cues.  Read more
​Even though they don't have a layer of blubber, beavers are still able to stay warm when diving in frigid waters. How do they do it? Well, they trap a layer of air in their fur. Scientists have taken that concept and run with it, creating a material that could be used to make warmer wetsuits. ​   Read more
Lensbaby has announced a new three-in-one creative lens for mirrorless cameras. The rotating optic allows users to switch between Lensbaby’s Twist, Velvet, and Sweet creative effects without having to swap lenses.   Read more
The electropollock by Dmitry Morozov has been designed as an homage to American expressionist painter Jackson Pollock, famous for his energetic drip painting works. It employs a similar method to get paint onto the rolling "canvas," but the end result is determined by music fed into the system.  Read more
By studying the intricate folding patterns of a beetle's wings, scientists in Switzerland have developed a drone that opens up and takes to the skies in less than a second with a couple of swift movements. ​   Read more
Learn to specialize in methodologies that will protect your organization from security threats, and become an indispensable member of your team. Where do you start? This course will take you from beginner to pro penetration tester so you can prove your worth by discovering security vulnerabilities before they're a real issue.   Read more