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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Atlas

After a quick teaser in August, General Motors wasted no time in its October reveal of the all-new Chevy Colorado ZH2, a heavily fortified pickup truck designed for military use. The vehicle has been built up to travel to parts known and unknown.   Read more
If you’re looking for a unit that ditches wires, plays nice with mobile devices, and can reduce your desktop clutter, the latest K780 keyboard from Logitech may be the one for you. We recently had the chance to get hands and fingers on, to put it to the test.​   Read more
Along with high-riding hatchbacks and conventional family wagons, a wave of coupe-style crossovers focusing on style has flooded the streets, led by the BMW X6. The latest car to try and plug new niches is the BMW X2 Concept, a slicker take on the practical X1 SUV.   Read more
Although it hasn't been given the complete overhaul it really needs, Subaru Technica International has given the WRX a mild work over with fitter, faster special editions for Japan. ​​   Read more
The Palace of Westminster is showing its age and requires a multi-billion pound refurbishment, likely shutting the place for six years. Where will the government do business in the meantime? Well, that's where Gensler's futuristic water-based building comes in.   Read more
The Ocean Cleanup is due to begin clearing up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2020. To get a better idea of what will be required, the Dutch foundation last year went for a close up look. It's now begun sizing up the task from the air and initial findings are that it's worse than thought.   Read more
Ram debuted an impressive, all-new pickup concept at the State Fair of Texas. The Rebel TRX debuts as an off-road-hungry truck ready to fly over dirt and rocks at 100 mph (161 km/h).   Read more
Lawmakers are covering new ground as they regulate autonomous car testing, trying to balance the need for technology to progress with public safety. With this in mind, California has approved unmanned testing, allowing self-driving cars to roam the streets with no human backup behind the wheel.  Read more
A team at Stanford has put self-inflating airbag helmets like the Hövding through their paces, with drop tests showing that they may be up to six times better at cushioning impact than traditional foam helmets.   Read more
Intel and Luxottica have teamed up to put a fitness tracker front and center on your face, stashing the various biometric sensors and a voice-activated AI coach into a stylish, custom-designed pair of Oakley shades.  Read more
MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is looking to build customizable shock-absorbing protection into robots by using 3D printing to produce soft materials that not only dampen the impact of falls, but also allows them to carry out safer, more precise movements.  Read more
​We've all had the sensation of "burning with embarrassment." According to new research, however, awareness of that phenomenon can help us. Given that a sensation of heat is associated with feelings of shame, it's claimed that alleviating the sensation can lessen those feelings.   Read more
The 2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe will enter showrooms soon and in its top-most package, this little luxury coupe offers 400 horsepower of turbocharged goodness to go with its sleek new look and short ergonomics. It's not perfect, but it'll do.  Read more
If you're looking for a new, well-equipped smartphone that won't break the bank, bargain devices from Chinese companies Huawei and OnePlus may have you covered. Here's how their affordable flagships compare. ​   Read more
The HIV virus has completely vanished from the bloodstream of a 44-year-old man participating in a medical trial. Although more time is needed to confirm whether the result is from the new approach or from anti-HIV drugs that the patient was taking, the implications of the research are encouraging.  Read more
A team of scientists has announced the past existence of a previously-unknown prehistoric shark. Although it wasn't as large as the infamous megalodon, the newly-described Megalolamna paradoxodon was similar in size to the present-day great white – and just as toothsome. ​   Read more
Zepp Play Soccer is a small sensor worn on the calf to keep tabs on things like kicks, sprints and distance covered, and can even compile a highlights package for your own post-game analysis.   Read more
​Bees face a challenge to sustain their populations in the face of threats such as habitat loss and pesticides. Hawaiian yellow-faced bees are no different and the US has now moved to protect the insects by placing seven species on the endangered list, a first for any type of bee in the US. ​   Read more
​Hyundai may be making a push into the world of sports cars, but SEMA will play host to a fast Hyundai of a very different kind. Forget about hot hatches and lap times, the 1,040-hp (776-kW) Santa-Fast is built to turn heads and grab attention on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center.   Read more
Earlier this year we found the modular Moto Z to be a fresh, if niche, take on the smartphone. It looks like accessory-maker Mophie drew a little inspiration from Lenovo's flagship, with its new Hold Force cases that give the iPhone 7​ and iPhone 7 Plus​ some modular skills of their own.   Read more
Wireless earbuds are the way of the future, and the 1Voice Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are leading the way. Using cutting-edge, 4.2 Bluetooth technology and a minimalist design, these earbuds will fit comfortably in your ears and deliver top-notch sound, without giving you any of the hassle of typical earbuds. Happy listening.   Read more