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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Atlas

With plenty of exciting design studies and racy variants to keep electric aficionados and old-fashioned gear heads happy, the 2016 Paris Motor Show isn't leaving the future behind. Take a flick through our gallery the cream of the concept car crop.   Read more
Earlier this week Elon Musk outlined his plan to send one million people off to colonize Mars. To get a handle on some of the likely settlement sites if this does materialize, New Atlas checked in with who we'll call realtors of the Red Planet to find out some prime locations to set up shop.   Read more
Galaxy Zega tanks are palm-sized RC tanks that are controlled by an app (iOS or Android) on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The Starter Set we reviewed comes with two tanks and a simple battlefield matrix that can be customized in a wide variety of ways.   Read more
Style or substance? Form or function? Triumph doesn't believe it's an either/or proposition. The 2016 Thruxton R is a retro-cool 1200cc roadster that looks the part of a beautiful restoration, but rips up country curves with thunderous glee.   Read more
​You don't need to be an ergonomics expert to know that custom-fit cycling products are typically more comfortable than their off-the-rack equivalents. Formy Bike Grips are 3D-printed according to each customer's measurements, and we recently got our hands on a pair.​   Read more
When there's no network coverage or internet access, smartphones are rendered useless as communications tools. The goTenna tackled this by allowing smartphones to communicate via their own radio-based network and, now, the goTenna Mesh can do so over triple the distances.  Read more
Amid the electric launches at the Paris Motor Show, there was still room for a few old-fashioned petrol-powered sports cars. Audi used the Mondial l'Automobile to launch a new RS3 sedan, which eschews a trendy downsized four-cylinder engine for a raucous five-cylinder, and the race-ready RS3 LMS.  Read more
​A potentially significant moment in history will occur early next year when Toyota will begin selling its Kirobo Mini​ companion robot to the public. To be fully unveiled to the world tomorrow at CEATEC in Tokyo, the robo-companion will go on sale sometime during Japan's winter.   Read more
This year’s Paris Motor Show played host to electric debuts from Mercedes and Volkswagen, but they weren’t the only ones to make a big battery-powered push. The new GLM G4 might boast supercar performance, but its four doors and sumptuous cabin mean the whole family can come along for the ride.   Read more
​Over 2 years after the laying a bunch of solar harvesting hexagonal panels at its Idaho electronics lab Solar Roadways has completed its first public installation. The City of Sandpoint, Idaho, is playing host to the proof of concept roll out, with 30 tiles now brightening up a town square.   Read more
Nintendo has finally provided some more details about its upcoming console. Unfortunately though, we’re not talking about the NX. Instead, we now know a little more about the NES Classic Edition, including its display mode options, online original manuals and a modern save-anywhere system.   Read more
Soggy pizzas are the worst. Here's how one startup is planning to disrupt a $38 billion market with fresh-out-of-the-oven-pies ... and robots.   Read more
As of 2017, the World Superbike Championship will incorporate a new racing discipline specifically designed to offer affordable access to fresh talent. The World Supersport 300 class begins proceedings with an intriguing mix of very lightly modified production bikes from four major manufacturers.   Read more
Along with Volkswagen, Mercedes used the 2016 Mondial l'Automobile to uncover its big production electric vehicle. Even though it has a fairly regular SUV silhouette, the Generation EQ debuts a new platform for the three-pointed star, and will be on the market in 2020. ​   Read more
Ferrari snuck the world a look at a convertible LaFerrari back in July, and now it's rolled the car out in Paris, revealing more about its design and performance, as well as the name: LaFerrari Aperta. One of the world's great hypercars can be enjoyed with top or without - without missing a beat.  Read more
​​Although people are fascinated by quadruped robots such as those made by Boston Dynamics, it's unlikely that they'll ever be able to afford such complex machines themselves. The Ghost Minitaur, however, could be scuttling down a street near you someday soon. ​   Read more
It's been less than a month since SpaceX saw a test firing before a planned Falcon 9 launch end in a ball of fire​ before it even got started. Now, the company appears ready to get back on the orbital horse with plans for its next launch set for as soon as November.​   Read more
With the all-new UX concept, Lexus explores the future of the compact SUV, playing with boldly juxtaposed styling and high-tech interior design. Prescient or just plain weird?  Read more
Apple Watch has been slow to snare consumers' hearts and wallets, but the newest generation of the slick wearable is much better equipped to launch and run third-party apps. Let's take a look at the best app choices already out there.   Read more
​It might be difficult to tell from a distance, but you're looking at the brand-new Audi Q5. With a stronger, lighter body and a new set of efficient powertrains, it aims to take the luxurious feeling from the Q7 and scales it down for families who don't need seven seats and a gargantuan boot. ​   Read more
​​A new system called HeroSurg, developed by researchers at Deakin and Harvard Universities, is set to increase what surgeons can achieve via robotic surgery, using a haptic feedback system to provide a sense of touch.   Read more
The Oculus Rift is about to get a lot better, with the upcoming launch of its Touch controllers. Before we get the full scoop on that, let's recap some of the biggest and best Rift releases from the last two months.  Read more
Nissan unveiled the fifth generation of the Micra subcompact, which is aimed directly at the European market. The Micra Gen5 is lower, wider, and longer to give more interior space and sees a host of upmarket driver-assist technologies as well.   Read more
For Paris Fashion Week, designer Hussein Chalayan has teamed up with Intel to create a high-tech outfit straight out of an 80s sci-fi movie, complete with glasses that sense stress and a belt that projects live images of that data onto a wall.   Read more
VPNs offer an invaluable service, cleaning up your internet experience, while keeping you anonymous from hackers and government snoops who may be monitoring your activity. OneVPN provides this secure browsing service on a budget, while maintaining high speeds and offering a variety of features. You'll be able to use the internet safely, through 30 servers based in 18 countries.   Read more