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Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Atlas

Trailers made themselves the story at this year's Overland Expo West show back in May, and it was the same at Overland Expo East. The expedition-ready teardrops, boxes and beds were joined by affordable street trailers, rugged imports launching in the US market, and even a car-hauling camper.  Read more
When a New Atlas writer was offered the chance to try a pillow that promised to play one sound that could drown out the others in his head, he happily accepted. But did the Dreampad pillow really help?​ Let's just say it was a real snoozer.   Read more
As part of our regular "One Big Question" series, asked transportation engineer Steven Shladover from UC Berkeley if the advent of driverless cars means that kids being born today will never need to learn how to drive. Here's what he said.   Read more
Decades before the age of megatall skyscrapers, Chicago was home to the world's tallest skyscraper with the Willis Tower​. However, if Perkins+Will's new project comes to fruition, the city may look forward to getting back in the record books with the world's tallest timber skyscraper.  Read more
Strides have been made in the last few years to develop solar windows. Known as luminescent solar concentrators, these haven’t proven efficient or scalable, but now researchers have demonstrated a new technique that could make for larger, more practical solar energy-harvesting windows.  Read more
After a week of daily stories, our journey into scientific discovery viewed through the prices fetched by manuscripts on the auction block is complete. The 10 most expensive scientific documents ever sold at auction follows.​   Read more
The same team responsible for a thought-controlled robotic arm demonstrated in 2012 has recreated the physical feeling of touch through a robotic hand, allowing a quadriplegic man to feel "his" fingers and hand for the first time in 10 years.​   Read more
​The automotive extravaganza that is the Paris Motor Show wraps up on Sunday, so it's time for a quick look back at the cream of the cars that caught our eye during the 2016 event.   Read more
​Barnacles may seem fairly low down the list of troublemaking sea creatures, but their habit of building up on ship hulls can be the bane of a boat-owner’s existence. A new material makes anti-fouling hydrogels more effective and, in future, it could actively detect and respond to their presence.   Read more
Yamaha today revealed the first new YZF-R6 in six years. Built around the existing engine and chassis, it inherits looks, running gear and electronics from the latest YZF-R1 in an effort to regain the throne for Yamaha in the all but stagnating in recent years Supersport class.   Read more
​​In order to monitor their blood glucose levels, diabetics typically have to perform finger-prick blood tests. Scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas, however, are creating an electrochemical biosensor that continuously measures glucose in the wearer's sweat. ​   Read more
​​We've already seen sound waves being used to levitate small numbers of foam balls, but scientists have recently taken things a step further. They've created a low-res "display" in which the pixels are actually physical spheres that float and can be individually rotated in mid-air. ​   Read more
If Sony delivers a product that's even a reasonable approximation of the Rift​ and Vive​, then PlayStation VR​ should be practically a cinch to "win" the consumer VR wars. Let's see how its specs and features compare to the Vive.   Read more
BMW Motorrad's booth at Intermot 2016 offered center stage to two new R nineT variants of the Heritage model family, Racer and Pure. Along with Euro 4 compliance, BMW also revealed a series of upgrades for the four-cylinder S 1000 models, and for its flagship six-cylinder tourer K 1600 GT.  Read more
Gardens can be a double-edged sword: when they're thriving, so is the work required to keep them in shape. A new autonomous robot helper by the name of Kobi, however, can take the edge off by mowing the lawn, collecting leaves and clearing snow for you.​​   Read more
We've already compared the Pixel and iPhone 7 base models, but the match-up between the Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus is a little more interesting. While the Pixel and Pixel XL have most of the same specs, Apple pulled out a few more stops in its 7 Plus flagship.   Read more
With quadcopters, interactive robots and wearables on many kids’ letters to Santa, Christmas 2016 promises to be a tech-filled holiday. Here we look at some of the tech toys which are expected to be big hits this festive season.   Read more
A new study closely examining the effects of climate change on Ethiopia's Blue Nile Basin has revealed projected increases in rainfall, which could spur greater crop yields and large-scale hydro-power projects in the region.​​​   Read more
Honda has unveiled an all-new iteration of its CR-V. With an edgier design and turbocharged motor, the fifth-generation will face off against the new Nissan Rogue and Volkswagen Tiguan when it lands.   Read more
Disaster relief shelters need to be cost-effective, easy to transport and quick to construct, which explains why many use a flat-pack design. Showing just what's possible in this format, the Duffy Shelter can be constructed in less than an hour and up to 35 of them can be transported in one van.  Read more
Using a technique known as Probabilistic Constellation Shaping, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Bell Labs researchers claim to have achieved subsea optical fiber transmission speeds equivalent to streaming more than 10 million HDTV channels simultaneously across a single cable.   Read more
Ricoh is looking to keep its 360-degree camera lineup fresh with the release of the Theta SC, a smaller and cheaper version of its predecessors. ​​   Read more
We've seen machines playing ping pong before, but artist Mark Wheeler has got ping pong playing machines. He's harnessed the game's metronomic regularity, or lack thereof, and created a sound system with a tempo that's set by the back and forth of a rally.   Read more
When we first heard about the WalkCar, there was talk of a Kickstarter campaign slated to begin last October. Although that apparently never materialized, WalkCar manufacturer Cocoa Motors has now announced that it will begin taking preorders directly later this month. ​   Read more
Hyundai is preparing an all-out onslaught for SEMA 2016, having taken the wraps off a Veloster to join the set of four-wheel drives it showed off last week. The Gurnade Concept takes the basic Hyundai Veloster, and works in a wide-bodykit and some choice engine modifications.   Read more
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