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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Atlas

Scientists at UCI say that cosmic radiation could cause astronauts on long deep space missions to develop "space brain" with symptoms of dementia. Tests indicate that exposure to high-energy particles cause marked by long-term neurological damage.  Read more
Michael Jantzen has spent years exploring the idea of interactive architecture. His latest creation, the Malleable Autonomous Retreat House, is envisioned as a novel off-grid vacation home that would allow occupants to fine-tune their interaction with the elements.  Read more
Where 3D printing vehicles is concerned, Local Motors takes much of the headline chatter, but that's not to say others aren't dabbling with the technology. Last week, Honda and Kabuku unveiled a custom-designed electric vehicle for making deliveries, the body panels of which have been 3D-printed.   Read more
Some manufacturers use concepts as a canvas for designers to explore the deepest, darkest corners of their minds, but BMW has always used them as precursors to production models. In keeping with that tradition, the Concept 101 has turned into the K1600 B.   Read more
​In 2014, Japan revised the laws surrounding UAVs, increasing the maximum laden weight. Now Yamaha has taken advantage of the extra breathing room with two new UAVs: the crop dusting Fazer R, and the Fazer R G2, for surveying, photography and other uses.   Read more
In the third installment of our series covering the most valuable scientific documents of all-time we encounter works from Aristotle and one of history's greatest female scientists, along with the first "accurate and complete" map of the world.   Read more
A new sensor can tell the difference between an apple and an orange, or an empty glass and a full one, just by touching it. With a database of objects and materials, it could be used to sort or scan items, or to display the names of objects in another language.  Read more
Peugeot isn't the only auto brand teaming up with an energy drink label to make a vicious off-roader. Hyundai is working with Rockstar Performance Garage (that's the same Rockstar that sells oversized cans of stimulant-laden beverages) to introduce a bigger, meaner version of the Santa Fe.  Read more
GMOs can have a positive impact, but those that “escape” their intended environment may end up wreaking havoc on the natural ecosystem. To combat this, a team is developing a device that scans water samples to detect GMO-associated proteins in the wild, and help authorities respond to them.   Read more
If you threw down a wad of early-adopter cash for an Oculus Rift​ and expensive gaming PC, your money still only got you a slightly half-baked VR – with its gamepad-only nature. That changes soon, with Facebook’s Oculus Touch controllers going up for pre-order today.   Read more
Suzuki unveiled at Intermot its latest sportbike bearing the iconic GSX-R logo. The new GSX-R1000 brings variable-valve timing to the game, in a brand-new package that incorporates all the essential features of the highly competitive superbike class, escorted by an even higher-spec R version.  Read more
GoPro recently refreshed its action camera line-up with the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session joining the Hero Session. But which is going to be the best for capturing your extreme (or mundane) activities? Here we look at the key specifications to help you decide.   Read more
​​When it comes to trucks, bigger is almost always better. That's why GMC has given the Sierra HD a rough, tough makeover. The Sierra HD All Terrain X is readier than ever to take on the wilderness, and look good while it's doing it. ​   Read more
Thanks to Ford Performance, a Mustang update has arrived in the form of a power-boosting package for both the EcoBoost and GT V8. Along with increases in power, the packages bring a huge torque bump and flat shift capability to the table.   Read more
From today, employees everywhere finally have a good reason to spend all day using Facebook. The social network has rolled out Workplace, a productivity platform for businesses aimed at helping employees to "connect, communicate and collaborate."  Read more
Front end development is one half of any website, keeping developers in constant demand. Regardless of your experience, with this 48-hour bundle, you can go from novice to pro in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, 3 of the world's most popular programming languages, and the primary building blocks of front end development.   Read more