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Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Atlas

The Volkswagen I.D. concept may be as important as the Beetle (according to Volkswagen, anyway), but it's not the prettiest all-electric concept car in Paris. A real contender for that title is the Renault Trezor, a gloriously curvy, 350-hp grand tourer.   Read more
​​Remember when Kylo Ren used the Force to stop a laser blast in mid-air? In a Canberra laboratory, physicists have managed a feat almost as magical: they froze the movement of light in a cloud of ultracold atoms. This discovery could help bring optical quantum computer from sci-fi to reality.   Read more
After 12 years, ESA's Rosetta deep-space probe ended its mission today as it made a controlled impact on the Ma'at region of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. According to mission control in Darmstadt, Germany, the unmanned orbiter struck the surface at 11:20 GMT (1:20 pm CEST).  Read more
Honda has used the Paris Motor Show to throw off its beige cardigan, taking the sensible Civic Hatch and turning it into the winged creation you see here. Designed to preview the next generation of Civic hot-hatches, the Type-R Prototype appeals to the boy racer living in every petrolhead.  Read more
SOM's One World Trade Center rises to a height of exactly 1,776 ft (541 m), making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It's also pretty green for a skyscraper, and was recently awarded a LEED Gold certification in recognition of its significant sustainable design.   Read more
New Atlas asks Peter Murphy from the University of South Australia a single question as part of our regular One Big Question series: What goes into making a color-changing military tank?   Read more
Significant changes in race formats, a redefinition of the two types of classes, and a reintroduction of Indian Motorcycles should add to the growing popularity of flat track racing in the United States.   Read more
​​When it comes to surgically replacing sections of bone, there are two main approaches: harvesting pieces of bone from elsewhere in the body, or using shaped metallic implants. Now, however, scientists are developing an alternative – stretchy 3D-printed implants that bone cells propagate. ​   Read more
A research project, which the University of Cambridge calls one of the largest randomized-controlled experiments in the history of criminal justice research, found that when police officers wore body cameras, complaints against them went down by an astounding 93 percent.   Read more
If your Samsung phone hasn’t exploded or been recalled in real life, maybe you’ll enjoy using it to blow up things in virtual reality. Here’s a roundup of this month’s new games for the Gear VR.   Read more
The new Land Rover Discovery, with its flexible seven-seat interior and fancy exterior, might look at home on high street, but it'll also take you to the moon and back should you so desire. ​   Read more
When it premiered in 2012, the all-electric Renault ZOE offered a driving range of up to 209 km (130 miles) per charge. Well, things have changed since then. Debuting this week, the latest version of the car nearly doubles that figure, reportedly topping out at 400 km (249 miles). ​​   Read more
A study has found that birds avoid mid-air crashes with one another by always turning to the right when faced with an impending collision, something that might help in the design of anti-crash systems on aircraft in the future.   Read more
A collaborative project has come a step closer to zero emission passenger flights with the first flight of a hydrogen fuel cell four-seater electric aircraft. The twin-cabin, (relatively) low-noise HY4 took off at 11:15 am (local) today for a quick zip around Stuttgart Airport.   Read more
For the first time, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a so-called artificial pancreas designed to both monitor and inject insulin automatically, requiring minimal input from the user.​​  Read more
Last year, having developed its Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) from concept to fully fledged production as the Mirai, Toyota subsequently unveiled the FCV Plus. In addition to being hydrogen-powered, the FCV Plus was designed to be a power source itself. Today, more details have been released.   Read more
Planned drone delivery services from big names like Amazon are a ways off yet, but an American startup has a peer-to-peer drone that it hopes will beat them out of the gate. Pegasus is Hylio's personal delivery drone with a four mile range and 2.5 pound maximum payload.   Read more
A 9-m long fully functional slide is claimed to be the first made entirely out of glass. The Vidre-Slide comprises two half-cylindrical sections bonded together with structural silicone adhesive. Not only does it demonstrate cutting-edge glass technology, but the result is a striking work of art.   Read more
There will be plenty of companies looking to capitalize on Apple's removal of the headphone jack in some way, and an early take on the matter is an iPhone case called Fuze. This case, which is currently in development, brings back the headphone jack, and affords you extra battery life as a bonus.   Read more
Wheelys launched its first bike café in 2014 and, since then, has rolled-out over 550 in 60 different countries. Its bikes have grown too, becoming electrified, adding more brewing facilities and getting greener. The latest incarnation takes the cafe-bike concept beyond just coffee.   Read more
The Python Power Coder Bundle is an amazing deal, which makes The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle downright incredible. With an added 31 hours of high-quality content, (for 70 total) you'll discover even more of Python's uses, and be hard pressed to find a Python job you don't qualify for!   Read more