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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Atlas ( Gizmag)

Following in the tire treads of the BMW Vision Next 100, Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 and Mini Vision Next 100, the BMW Group has unveiled its latest vision of the motoring future in LA. The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is a concept motorcycle that keeps the rider in control in an autonomous world.   Read more
​The Curta was the smallest mechanical calculator ever made and was much sought after until it was replaced by electronic calculators. The remarkable story behind its creation has its roots in a Nazi death camp.  Read more
The first HoloLens augmented reality headset went on sale to US developers and businesses earlier this year and it's now hitting six new countries. It's available to pre-order now in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, with shipping in November.   Read more
Having been launched over 18 months ago and introduced to the public in September last year, the "Low-carbon Urban Transport Zone" (LUTZ) Pathfinder has now been demonstrated in pedestrian areas around the UK's Milton Keynes.   Read more
Aspiring baseball pitchers have been added to the list of people who can benefit from ball tracking technology. Rapsodo opens the door for the measurement of spin, velocity and trajectory.   Read more
China can now lay claim to the world's longest sightseeing escalator. Located in the Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei province, it measures 688 meters (2,257 ft) long and has recently opened to tourists in central China.  Read more
From the rare scribblings of Alan Turing through to the genius of Newton, Einstein and Émilie du Châtelet​, we continue to navigate our way through the fascinating list of the 50 most valuable scientific documents of all-time​.   Read more
In 2013, the Nobel Prize medal won by Francis Crick for the structure of DNA sold for $2,270,500 - 50 times more than any prior medal. The high price catalyzed a new marketplace with prices exceeding $500,000. Now one of the most famous Nobel Prizes is going to auction, and the sky is the limit.   Read more
The world chews through serious amounts of data, and researchers are looking into faster and more efficient wireless transmission. Now a team at Rice University is taking inspiration from the very first radios in the quest to achieve blistering wireless data transfer rates of 1 terabit per second.   Read more
The business jet market has shown healthy growth in recent years and Cessna has reaffirmed its desire to join the big hitters with the maiden flight of the Citation Longitude super-midsize jet.   Read more
​Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator will soon have some smart company in the kitchen. The company is adding more app-enabled appliances with a new range of built-in ovens, cooktops and range hoods that connect to each other and the Samsung SmartThings Hub via Wi-Fi.   Read more
Bipedal robots, such as Boston Dynamics' Atlas may be able to balance on one leg, but Disney Research has gone one better and built a one-legged hopping robot. This unidexter automaton isn't the first hopping robot, but it's the first to not rely on a tether or external power source.   Read more
​​As long as there have been mountain bikes, there have been people experimenting with linkage-style suspension forks. France's Motion Engineering is now taking a modern crack at the technology, with its brake-dive-eliminating Motion France Dynamic fork. ​  Read more
China-based scientists have discovered that by feeding graphene and carbon nanotubes to silkworms, the silk they produced was much stronger and could take on the ability to conduct electricity.   Read more
It's not them, it's you: Could the cure for malaria lie in changing the way human beings smell and taste to mosquitoes?  Read more
Ducati has unveiled a motorcycle that was emphatically missing from its range. The new SuperSport relies on sensible ergonomics, the Italians' signature sporty character, and Panigale heritage to cater for those who desire a Ducati sportbike with daily practicality for the least concessions.  Read more
Smartphones have made it easier than ever to keep occupied while commuting, but all it takes is a dead battery to make for a tedious waiting game. A recently installed piece of street furniture in the Turkish city of Istanbul, however, lets commuters keep their devices charged and surf the web.   Read more
Adding e-power to folding bikes makes it easier to traverse town sweat-free, but batteries are generally heavy and bulky. ElectroBike thinks it has managed to perfectly mix electric power and portability with the Air-33, which packages a usable range in a reasonably priced, lightweight package.   Read more
With the arrival of consumer virtual reality gear to the market, many tech evangelists insist VR is the next major computing platform. What hardware shortcomings need to be overcome in order to get there?   Read more
If you've got a good memory then you might be able to remember back to the summer of 2011 and the first Chromebooks, which appeared to less-than-universal acclaim. Despite a slow start, in the five years since these laptops have become a much more viable proposition – so what's happened?  Read more
Samsung is pouring the innards of a mid-range PC into a cylindrical, expandable package it calls the ArtPC Pulse, and if the end result looks like a speaker, well that’s because it’s one of those, too.  Read more
​Although advances in flexible electronics show a lot of promise, things can only progress so far if those electronics still incorporate rigid batteries. With that in mind, Panasonic has just announced a flexible lithium-ion battery, which could be on the market soon. ​   Read more
Netgear's latest offering in home security is a wireless HD camera called the Arlo Pro, which is built to withstand the elements and packs motion sensing and two-way audio so you can scare off intruders when you're out and about.   Read more
Times have changed - and an average lightbulb just isn't enough anymore. Replace your old lightbulbs with these smart bulbs, and you can take back control of your lighting from your smartphone. Using the free app, you can control the color, brightness, and more on up to 10 bulbs at once. Even program your lights to turn on automatically when your alarm goes off, or dim when you have a date coming over. Whatever the mood, you'll be able to set it with this versatile lightbulb.   Read more