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Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Atlas ( gizmag)

Along with a gaggle of long range electric vehicles, the Paris Motor Show served as a launchpad for a Korean revolution, led by the new Hyundai i30 and Kia Rio. Check out some upcoming production vehicles as well as a few highlights from the world of motorsport in our gallery.   Read more
Singing vacuum cleaners, robots that fold your laundry, droids that help you raise your game ... sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel? Well, fiction just got real.   Read more
In an age when digital information can fly around the connected networks of the world in the blink of an eye, it may seem a little old timey to consider delivering messages by hand. Panasonic has developed a prototype comms system where data from one person to another is transmitted through touch.  Read more
A new sleep tracker wakes the wearer up three minutes after they fall asleep. Thim is designed to readjust a user’s sleeping cycles to train insomniacs to fall asleep faster, make for better naps and provide more accurate sleep tracking.   Read more
The all-new Sunda Tent Hammock from Kammock is a roomy two-person standalone tent that just happens to be able to take to the trees to serve as a hammock shelter. It may be the most versatile dual-purpose hammock-shelter yet.​​​   Read more
While it may seem natural to believe the trend of increasing life expectancy will continue, scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine believe that not only is there a natural limit to the maximum age humans can reach, but we hit that peak 20 years ago.   Read more
Nearly 3,000 users have already turned to a US$10 adapter on Kickstarter to address a major shortcoming of the iPhone 7.   Read more
Mercedes has done it with its G 63 AMG and Kahn Design has done it with the Land Rover Defender, now Hennessey Performance is going to do it with Ford's upcoming 2017 F-150 Raptor … it's offering to turn the already-aggressive pickup into a six-wheel-drive monster, named the VelociRaptor 6X6. ​   Read more
Spanish soccer club Atletico Madrid is preparing to move into a 67,000-seat stadium next season, where the playing arena will be the first in the world to be illuminated by Philips' so-called ArenaExperience. ​   Read more
We live in a strange time where photos are taken prolifically, but looked at rarely. They end up trapped on the devices we used to take them or hidden away on hard drives. The Aura picture frame is aimed at making it easy to put your photos back on show, but only the ones that are suitable.   Read more
California's Positive Grid has announced the BIAS Distortion, a floor effects pedal that can be loaded with tones downloaded from an online vault, allows players to create their own virtual fuzz boxes and transfer the sounds to the unit and can tone match any real world distortion pedal.   Read more
Blue Origin recently carried out its first in-flight test of its crew capsule escape system. But in an unexpected twist, the reusable launch stage also survived and landed safely for the fifth time after a brief journey into space.   Read more
Environmental scientists tracking greenhouse gases rising from the world's reservoirs say they produce the equivalent of around one gigaton of carbon dioxide each year, more than all of Canada, and a figure not currently taken into account when sizing up our environmental footprint.   Read more
Thanks to a research partnership with the municipality of Dubai, Philips has developed a range of LED bulbs that are claimed to reduce electricity consumption by up to 90 percent when compared to incandescent bulbs and will last up to 15 time longer, too.​   Read more
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... like, yeah, it actually does look exactly like a bird. This biomimetic drone is so convincing, you're going to want to keep it away from your pets and any birds of prey that may be stalking around the neighborhood. A remarkable piece of engineering, the Bionic Bird undergoes such strict quality controls that each bird is built like a prototype, designed to be expertly controlled directly from your smartphone.   Read more