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Friday, October 21, 2016



The benefits of telemedicine in today’s world of EMS

This Webinar will discuss the benefits of telemedicine and physician advice in today’s world of EMS, in both urban and rural environments. While unban EMS units may be closer to hospitals than thei...

How NEMSIS 3 Can Help You Improve EMS Operations and Clinical Quality

Is your system prepared to take advantage of the benefits NEMSIS 3 can bring? The EMS profession’s goal is to provide patients with the highest quality of care while maintaining excellence in opera...


Identifying Sepsis in the Prehospital Setting

Severe infection and sepsis are high mortality illnesses that significantly burden the healthcare system.   Evidence suggests that early identification and aggressive treatment reduces mortali...


ACEP awards Jullette Saussy for outstanding EMS

American College of Emergency Physicians Awards Jullette Saussy for her Outstanding Contribution in EMS

Wed, Oct 19, 2016
JEMS Editorial Board Member Jullette M. Saussy, MD, FACEP, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution in EMS Award by the American College of Emergency Physicians last night ...


The “FirstNet-Ready” Mobile Office: Top Considerations for Connecting First Responders

First-response mobile workforces face the most demanding and often dangerous work environments, performing jobs that are critical to our infrastructure—protecting public safety,...

Top 5 Reasons Paramedics need an In-Vehicle Gateway

Technology in the ambulance is advancing every day.  EKGs and patient care records, dispatch, telemedicine and tracking technologies enable medics to safely treat patients,...


EMS Compass: The Quality Imperative

EMS Compass: The Quality Imperative

Harnessing the power of data, with a forward from Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Corina Bilger, Stop the Bleed for EMS

Stop the Bleed: Not Just a Buzzphrase, Good Public Health Policy

Corina Bilger, NREMT-Retired
New EMS training course from NAEMT teaches basic life-saving interventions to control bleeding in...
Doug Wolfberg, EMS liability for distracted driving

Pro Bono: Distracted Driving is an EMS Liability Time Bomb

Doug Wolfberg
Agencies should develop consistently enforced policies to discourage distracted driving and clari...
A.J. Heightman, EMS ambulance safety

Ambulance Seating and Warning Systems Affect Safety of Crews and Patients

A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P
This month, JEMS focuses on aspects of ambulance safety, design, seating and warning systems.
Paul Combs cartoon for JEMS

Paul Combs October 2016 Cartoon

Paul Combs
Our monthly look at EMS through the lens of Paul Combs. 
Keith Wesley, EMS treatment of pediatric anaphylaxis

Pediatric Anaphylaxis Study Lacks Crucial Details

Keith Wesley, MD, FACEP
Why did some patients get epinephrine and others Benadryl and/or albuterol? Was there a differenc...


abc360 Conference for EMS Compliance

abc360 Conference for EMS Compliance

Wed, Oct 19, 2016PWW Media's abc360 Conference was held in Hershey, Pa., Oct. 17-19 and provided educational and certification opportunities for EMS billers, coders, compliance officers and privacy officers.


ImageTrend Elite Community Health™

ImageTrend Elite Community Health™ gives integrated healthcare providers a comprehensive view of patients’ conditions, treatments and success factors for better outcomes. The exclusive Impact Score™ helps you select candidates for enrollment into the ideal program, while Timelines™ view provides a patient-centric view of important factors that can change over time.



Kristina Ackermann, EMS Insider

EMS Billing & Compliance Updates from abc360 Conference

Approximately 500 professionals from across the EMS billing and compliance sector convened in Hershey, Pa., Oct. 17–19 for PWW Media's abc360 Conference and XI Executive Institu...
Grant Helferich, EMS billing

How to Write Good Patient Care Reports, Part 2: Avoiding Vague Terminology

Part two of a five-part series on writing detailed PCRs, maximizing reimbursements and delivering the best ongoing care for patients. 
Norris Croom, operational security

Operational Security for EMS and Fire

Educate personnel on the importance of operational security and review protocols to make sure all elements are secure.
Brandon Means, Pulsara

Mobile Technology: Let's Work How We Live

The EMS industry must embrace the technologies that bring positive change.




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