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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Google Pixel: Australian Review 

Google built a phone. For real this time.

Simon Hackett Is Investing In A Tesla Limo Service 

Australia’s chief geek, Simon Hackett, has already made companies like Internode happen. He’s also chairman of one of Australia’s most exciting energy startups, Redflow. And, being a big fan of Tesla, it’s no real surprise that he’s just invested in Sydney-based Tesla chauffeur service Evoke.

Surprising Familiar Faces Are Returning To Legends Of Tomorrow and Arrow 

Get a look at another one of Logan‘s villains. David Wenham discusses his role in Iron Fist. Darren Aronofsky’s Margaret Atwood adaptation Maddaddam is no longer coming to HBO. Plus, another look at The Walking Dead‘s next season, and behind the scenes on Doctor Strange and Transformers: The Last Knight. Spoilers!

Twitter Fires Its New Head Of VR After Two Days 

This was Greg Gopman’s first week at Twitter. Today was his last day.

Unexplained X-Ray Flares Discovered Near The Milky Way 

Two new sources of X-ray flares — explosive bursts of X-rays — in galaxies near the Milky Way have been found by international scientists but what exactly caused the flares remains a mystery. The researchers say that although they don’t know what the sources of the X-rays are, they are unlike any known object in the Milky Way and seem to be located in old star populations. 

CIA Releases Files That Describe Ruthless Chilean Dictator Pinochet As 'Warm' And 'Mild-Mannered' 

Augusto Pinochet was a ruthless dictator who, with the CIA’s help, overthrew the democratically elected government of Chile in 1973. But what did the CIA really think of Pinochet? Newly released biographic reports use words like “warm,” “mild-mannered,” and “businesslike.”

DC's New Action Figures Include A Triumvirate Of Awesome Female Superheroes 

Next January, Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl finally gets the action figure she deserves, and she’s joined by a fellow CW heroine, and a really unique take on Wonder Woman. May god have mercy on your wallets.

Ten Thousand Endangered 'Scrotum Frogs' Have Mysteriously Dropped Dead In Peru 

Peruvian authorities are scrambling to determine why thousands of critically endangered, Titicaca water frogs are washing up belly up, after an environmental group reported the mass die-off last week. According to local activists, untreated sewage sludge is to blame.

Great, You Can Now Endorse Political Candidates On Facebook 

Facebook has long been a cesspool of batshit political posts from friends and family alike, and now the company has gone and added another layer of muck: the ability to publicly endorse a candidate.

Watch New York City Chess Hustlers Get Pwned By Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen 

It’s tough to beat the chess hustlers in New York City’s parks — unless you’re the best chess player in the world.

Fox's Mutant TV Show Legion Is Looking Crazy Good 

Emphasis on the crazy, as this great new promo for the show about David Haller — the incredibly powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutant who may or may not be Professor X’s son — so ably demonstrates. It was accompanied by a release date for the show, which will premiere this February.

This Bug's Camouflage Is Very Impressive 

Meet the Lichen Katydid, an insect that has such impressive camouflage skills that it can hide in plain sight when walking on a lichen (a plant-like composite organism of an alga and a fungus). The bug’s body matches the wisps of the lichen so damn well that you’re not even sure which part belongs to which.

Look How Big This Bass Is 

Invented in 1850 by French violin maker Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, the absurdly oversized viola called the Octobasse, standing almost 3.66m tall, dwarfs anyone who tries to play it. But it’s a real instrument, designed to produce low, rumbling notes to accompany the rest of an orchestra.

Watch Two Space Agencies Attempt A Daredevil Landing On Mars This Morning [Updated] 

After a seven month journey, the ExoMars mission arrives in orbit around Mars today. Its first order of business? To attempt a historic, daredevil landing on the Red Planet.