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Friday, October 7, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Google Pixel, Daydream And Chromecast Ultra: Australian Price And Release Date 

Google just dropped a bunch of new goodies, and we’re making grabby hands at the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Daydream View VR headset and Chromecast Ultra media streamer. 
Here’s where you’ll be able to pick them up in Australia, and how much they will set you back. 

When Will Barry Finally Learn From His Mistakes On The Flash? 

The Flash might have altered reality and created an entirely new timeline for its third season premiere, but one thing seems like it will always remain the same: Barry messing something up and slowly realising that using his powers for selfish reasons is a bad idea. It’s a lesson he learned in the latest episode “Flashpoint” — and it would have been much more effective if it wasn’t a lesson we’d seen him learn a bunch of times already.

Stan Against Evil Looks A Lot Like Ash Vs Evil Dead, And We're Totally OK With That 

Video: As soon as we heard about IFC’s horror comedy Stan Against Evil, it reminded us a lot of Ash vs Evil Dead. And now that the first trailer has dropped, we see the similarities even more. Still, Stan — about a retired sheriff (John C. McGinley) who’s reluctantly pressed into service as a demon fighter — looks like it will be fun anyway.

Disney Just Invented A One-Legged Robot That Hops Like Tigger 

In Disney’s continued quest to breathe life into all of its cartoon characters, it might be going beyond a mere costume. Its research branch just revealed what appears to be the first attempt to make a robotic version of Tigger, Winnie the Pooh’s tiger pal, who’s best known for bouncing around on his tail.

Males Born Through Popular Reproductive Technique Have Low Sperm Counts 

A popular fertility treatment introduced in the early 1990s has been linked to low sperm counts in men born from the procedure. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why this is happening, but it’s entirely possible that fathers are passing their fertility issues down to the next generation.

Gizmodo's Static Podcast: How To Measure The Insignificance Of Humankind (With Science) 

Mundane gaming moments that are actually awesome, Mind Your Language, Giz Explains the Kardashev Scale, plus we answer your question: what does Amazon offer that other video streaming services don’t?
Plus we chat to games industry veteran, art director Brian Horton as he tells us why we should care about the narrative in Call of Duty. 
Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.

Kirk And Bones Know How To Savour A Good Scotch 

Video: Last year, I was lucky enough to visit the set of Star Trek Beyond, and it was incredibly obvious just how much fun everyone was having. However, no one on set was having a better time than Captain James T. Kirk and Dr Leonard McCoy when they treated themselves to a glass of fine scotch, as seen in this gag reel.

This Smartphone Microscope Lets You Play Games With Microbes 

Introducing the LudusScope, a 3D-printed, open-sourced system that lets you control and play games with living microbes on your smartphone. Tormenting single-celled organisms has never been so much fun.

Sony's Insane Pocket Camera Gets Even Crazier 

For years Sony’s RX100 line has been the camera to beat if you’re looking for an impressively capable pocket-sized shooter packing a one-inch sensor. It still doesn’t let you swap lenses, the but the latest iteration, the new Rx100 V, now boasts the ability to shoot full 20.1-megapixel images at an astonishing 24 frames per second.

Documents Reveal Stranger Things Really Freaked Out The Department Of Energy 

Netflix’s runaway hit Stranger Things did a lot of things right, and chief among them: Antagonising the US Department of Energy.

Students Hacked A Chip To Give Your Smartphone A Sense Of Touch 

Project Soli, which debuted at Google I/O in 2015, is a tiny chip that uses radar to detect discreet hand and finger motions. It was designed as a unique way to interact with mobile devices, but students at the University of St Andrews found a way to use the simple chip to give electronics an actual sense of touch.

Here's How You Can Watch The Bathurst 1000 In Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality has come to the Bathurst 1000. Accessed via an app, you’ll get live track data, cockpit telemetry, the position of the top ten drivers on the track, lap-times and detailed information about speed, acceleration, braking and gear selection.