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Sunday, July 10, 2016

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Drunk Danish Santa leads to Swedish boycott
Santas unassociated with the story. Photo: TT/Scanpix
"There had been a dinner before and it seems some were tempted by alcohol." 
    Jay-Jay Johanson: still gloomy after all these years
    Johanson is finishing an 11th album that he hopes to release in early 2017. Photo: TT/Scanpix
    When Jay-Jay Johanson's gloomy voice first seduced fans, CDs were king. Hailing from the streaming industry's epicentre of Sweden, Johanson has watched the music business transform firsthand -- and he likes what he sees. 
      Swede’s fury at Daily Mail’s Bråvalla ‘lies’
      The Daily Mail this week ran a report on the spate of sexual assaults at last weekend’s Bråvella festival. Photo: TT
      Piece about sexual assaults at music festivals "deliberately distorted my quotes, stolen private photos, and lied." 
      Watch this hilarious Swedish take on Brexit
      A screenshot from the video. Photo: Schack på Schemat
      A Swedish comedy group has published a video showing a rather unusual take on the aftermath of the Brexit referendum... and British regional stereotypes. 
      Teenagers walk free in Swedish ferry 'rape' case
      A cruise ferry in Stockholm not related to the article. Photo: Bertil Ericson/TT
      A prosecutor has said that she will not appeal a controversial court ruling which cleared four young men of gang-rape. 
      Suspicious package found in Stockholm 'not dangerous'
      The mysterious parcel in Tumba, southern Stockholm. Photo: Izabelle Nordfjell/TT
      UPDATED: Police in Stockholm have confirmed that a suspicious package found at a social services office in the south of the city on Friday was not dangerous.  
        The Local Music
        Eight sizzling Swedish songs for this July
        Icona Pop at the Summerburst festival. Photo: Frida Winter/TT
        July brings a haul of great new Swedish pop – let our music writer, Paul Connolly, take you through the very best. 
        British duo cleared in bizarre Nordic garlic smuggling case
        Garlic: smelly, but not smuggled. Photo: Leif R Jansson/TT
        The prosecution had alleged that the two men were involved in smuggling 1287 tonnes of garlic from Norway to Sweden.  
          The Local List – Almedalen
          Five reasons why Sweden's Almedalen is like Survivor
          A Christian Democrat representative crowdsurfing at Almedalen. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
          Struggling to understand what Sweden's Almedalen Week is? The Local's Lee Roden explains why it's basically a political version of reality TV show Survivor.  
          Swedish police shoot man dead in Stockholm
          A file photo of a Swedish police car. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson/TT
          A man has died from injuries in hospital after being shot by police in Viksjö, northern Stockholm. 
            How to calm down: get off Facebook and start talking
            Calm down, guys. Like this man in Almedalen. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
            In a world that's suffering a political nervous breakdown, getting off Facebook and arguing face-to-face could be the best way to calm us all down, argues The Local's managing editor James Savage. 
            The Local List
            14 strange things that surprise me in Sweden
            Sweden and France are worlds apart in some ways. Photo: Martin Jakobsson/
            French exchange student and The Local contributor Marie Zafimehy is after a year in Sweden still getting to grips with some of the Swedes' peculiar ways. 
            My Swedish Career
            How Malmö inspired this Scot's amazing book gizmo
            Word-o-Mat mastermind Charlotte Ormston. Photo: Charlotte Ormston
            How can a publisher make readers with short attention spans pay attention to quality writing? Thanks to Malmö, this Scot thinks she has the answer.  
            Why Swedes are so relaxed about taking gap years
            Anna Tybrandt and her friends in Malaysia/Photo: Private
            But the French aren't so keen.  
            The Local List
            Five things to do in Stockholm when it empties for summer
            Photo: Henrik Trygg/
            The Swedish capital can feel a bit empty during the summer, but fear not, there are ways to enjoy it.  
            More news
            Refugee crisis
            Swedes jailed in Finland for refugee smuggling
            A file photo of a ferry in Sweden. Photo: Hasse Holmberg/TT
            A Swedish man and his two sons have been handed prison sentences in Finland for human smuggling of refugees, radio station P4 Gävleborg reports. 
            The Local Recipes
            How to make delicious Swedish cheese tuiles
            Cheese tuiles made with Västerbottensost. Photo: John Duxbury/
            This Swedish recipe for cheese tuiles is perfect for a quick summertime appetizer.  
            Russia slams Swedish military 'propaganda'
            A Russian military parade earlier this year. Photo: AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin
            Russia has accused Sweden of spreading negative propaganda. 
            This Swedish island promises shamans and psychedelic tea
            One Swedish archipelago is about to become slightly more psychedelic. Photo: Marko Säävalä/TT
            Shamans, psychotherapy, and psychedelic tea. Just another day in Sweden...  
            Swedish nationalists' solution for suburbs? Folk dancers
            Would it look something like this? Photo: Hasse Holmberg/TT
            Could folk dancing help stem unrest in Sweden's troubled suburbs? 
            From our other editions
            Austria rules face veil ban at work is 'not discriminatory'
            Flikr/rana ossama
            One of Austria’s highest courts has ruled that companies who ban the wearing of face veils are ‘not discriminating’ against their employees. 
            Swiss couple told to give back adopted daughter
            File photo: Robert Valencia
            The child's biological mother now wants her baby back. 
            Tests find 'possible carcinogen' in Kinder sweets
            Photo: A. Kniesel via Wikimedia commons
            A German food watchdog on Monday pushed for the recall of Kinder chocolate bars, among other snacks. 
            Iceland’s football team slams Danish party’s racist post
            Iceland's players celebrating their win over England. Photo: BERTRAND LANGLOIS/SCANPIX
            The Icelandic national team has requested that the nationalist Danes' Party take down a clearly racist post.  
            Spanish airline Vueling cuts flights for sixth day running
            The cancellations are mainly affecting passengers travelling to France. Photo: AFP
            Hundreds of passengers were left stranded on Tuesday following the sixth straight day of cancellations and major delays.  
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            People-watching: July 1st-3rd
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            Sweden backs Vattenfall exit from German coal
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            Why this Swedish police dog has been hailed as a hero
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            'A Swedish passport means more than a British one now'
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            Sweden opposition cools talk of 'Swexit' poll
            'Devastated' - Brits in Sweden shocked by Brexit vote