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Saturday, July 30, 2016


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We have featured articles this month on assessing and treating sepsis. In this newsletter, we highlight sepsis assessment with a patient who presented with a vague complaint of belly pain and abnormal vital signs. Make sure to read "6 useful sepsis tips" from Art Hsieh, and to watch the "Remember 2 Things" episode on the importance of aggressive EMS treatment of sepsis.
รข€” EMS1 Team
4 killed in medical transport plane crash
NJ EMT, officer save crash victim whose leg had been severed
Search for missing Colo. paramedic continues
Texas, Mexico dispatch coordinate to resolve misrouted 911 calls: Individuals calling 911 or 066 are sometimes redirected to a dispatcher on the other side of the border
First responders take part in FBI training: First responders, officials discussed tactics and challenges associated with active shooters
10 best sepsis assessment and treatment tips, articles and videos:Because sepsis is a common patient presentation, it is important to learn and review its signs and symptoms
Boy, 8, donates $2.2K from lemonade stand to first responders
Man reunites with 4 who performed CPR on him at a concert
New Mercedes-Benz app gives first responders 3-D view of cars
Ohio first responders engage in blood donation battle
CAAS to continue grant program, offers funding for application fees
Girl, 7, killed by stone thrown by elephant
ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR)
With an intuitive design that works the way you do, ESO EHR makes documentation faster and easier than ever. Now designed for Windows, Android and iOS.
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EMS providers are held to a higher standard, which includes social media
By David Givot, EMS1 Columnist
Negative Facebook comments about protesters may have been wrong, but were their terminations right?
Higher standards 
Strength in numbers: How EMTs can face PTSD and addiction
By Megan Wells, EMS1 Contributor
Here's a look inside one of our nation's first "warriors only" PTSD treatment plans.
Fighting back 
Paramedic Andy Bruch embraces EMS in the bayou
By Mike Rubin, EMS1 Columnist
West Virginia native learns to work around creepy crawlers and more in a 42-year EMS career.
Dancing with ants 
Tips for assessing and managing a patient with 'general illness'
By Patrick Lickiss, EMS Columnist
You were asked to assess and treat a 44-year-old woman who has been feeling weak and lethargic. Did you make the right call?
Find out the diagnosis 
A double amputee paramedic's journey
Our co-hosts sit down with Noah Filer, a double amputee paramedic, to discuss his story.
Listen to the podcast 
Escaping violent encounters: Blocking a blow to the head
'Hacksaw Ridge' trailer
Looking for an Alternative to Epinephrine Autoinjectors?
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Introducing the Oregon Spine Splint II
The Oregon Spine Splint (OSS) is the only vest type immobilizer on the market that meets all established criteria for seated patient immobilization while allowing total access to the anterior torso for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment.
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3,310Woman who called ambulance 400 times receives prison time
2,012Teen performs CPR, saves teammate in cardiac arrest
675WATCH: First responders trained on how to interact with people with autism
586Mayor declares July 30th 'First Responder Family Appreciation Day'
477Pit crew cardiac arrest resuscitation training
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