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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Eight petrol-powered heavy duty propellers. One tube lattice frame, a simple seat and a hobby-grade R/C controller wired in. What could possibly go wrong? This Swedish engineer displays a pair of colossal cojones as he puts his home-made flying carpet to the test.Read more
It was a couple of years ago that Evelo first announced its Omni Wheel – a motorized wheel that replaces a regular bicycle's existing front wheel, turning that bike into an e-bike. In the past few months, however, the company introduced a new-and-improved second version. We recently tried it out.Read more
Backpacks virtually always have the same basic structure: a storage pouch hanging from a set of shoulder straps. The ME-2 dares to be different. This all-new backpack doesn't go over your shoulders at all, instead wrapping around your torso and catching a ride.Read more
Amazon has found itself a new ally in its plans to get the Prime Air delivery service off the ground, today announcing a partnership with the UK government to commence trials using its autonomous drones.Read more
To keep future space explorers on their feet, MIT researchers are developing a new space boot that uses built-in sensors and tiny "haptic" motors to help guide the wearer around obstacles by means of vibrations.Read more
Scientists have identified a milk protein in the stomach of a certain type of cockroach that has three times the energy of buffalo milk, and are now working to transform it into food supplements to give those who are game a nutritional boost. Read more
UCSD researchers have developed a graphics algorithm that not only realistically models light reflecting off complex surfaces like water, leather, glass, and metal, but which also runs about 100 times faster than current state-of-the-art systems.Read more
Archaeologists have unearthed a network of water tunnels beneath the ancient Mayan ruler King Pakal's tomb, which they say not only offers an indication of his intentions to float way to the underworld, but reframes theories about how the grand pyramid itself was built. ​​​Read more
Blincam is designed to remove awkward fumbling from mobile photography, instead allowing users to capture the perfect shot of that dog/latte/kid/sunset by winking or blinking.Read more
In the vein of Nintendo’s recently-revealed Classic Mini NES, British retailer Funstock Retro has announced an updated Sega Mega Drive Classic line to celebrate Sonic's 25th anniversary, including a home console and a handheld which both contain 80 pre-installed games.Read more
For those a bit of cash to splash that are looking to upgrade their TV for the Olympics, Sony is providing some options with its latest range-topping Bravia Z9 series, promising better contrast, more accurate colors and deeper blacks than previous X series Bravias.Read more
A new quick-fire process improves upon pasteurization​, which extends shelf life to about two to three weeks, and brings the length of time milk can be safely stored in the fridge up to around seven weeks.Read more
To​ ​the​ ​squeal​ ​of​ ​bagpipes​ ​and​ ​the​ ​beating​ ​of​ ​drums,​ ​Solar​ ​Impulse​ ​2​ ​today​ ​completed​ ​its round-the-world​ ​voyage​ ​at​ ​8:05​ ​pm​ ​EDT​ ​(July​ ​26​ ​00:05​ ​GMT) as it​ ​alighted​ ​on​ ​the​ ​tarmac​ ​of​ ​Al​ ​Bateen​ ​Executive​ ​Airport outside Abu Dhabi ​Read more
Morgan Motor Company introduced the all-electric EV3 at this year's Geneva Motor Show, after showing it as a concept last year. To make the car even more striking, it's teamed up with British department store Selfridges to create a special edition. Read more
While undoubtedly modern, there’s an unassuming beauty to Cherem Arquitectos’ Casa Candaleria. It’s the perhaps the choice of materials that is most understated: the house is built from the Earth on which it stands.Read more
A new breakthrough from MIT takes a well-known trick and leverages it in a way particular to how we move our heads in cinemas. A small prototype using 50 mirrors and lenses has been developed and, if researchers can advance upon the idea, glassless 3D viewing might just become the future of cinema.Read more
​Microneedle technology uses tiny needles to break only the upper layer of the patient’s skin, doing their job without the need to dig deeper. The pain-free tech has now been used to create a device capable of monitoring patient drug levels – something that usually requires the drawing of blood.Read more
After six months of restoration work, the Mary Rose Museum is open to the public once again, offering an even more immersive look at life aboard a Tudor ship. Visitors will be granted a panoramic view of the ship's deck from nine different galleries, aided by floor-to-ceiling glass.Read more
The ridiculously successful Pokémon Go may let players bag a Bulbasaur, but what if you want to nab a Napoleon? Moscow City Hall is taking cues from Nintendo's mobile hit for its own geolocation app, which lets players "catch" historical figures like Napoleon, Tchaikovsky and Ivan the Terrible.Read more
Almost nothing else on the road draws attention like a classic Lamborghini. Kitted out with the full gamut of wings and scoops, cars like the Diablo SV have a magnetic quality about them, a quality Super Veloce Racing is hoping will draw buyers to this concours-condition example. Read more
A new suburb of Melbourne, Australia, will be home to a mix of new technology and old traditions, according to its developer, Glenvill. The firm says that Yarrabend will be holistically designed with green spaces, solar-powered premium homes, a tech concierge and its own app. Read more
CityGo Urban, a uniquely designed e-scooter with revolutionary drivetrain system that will change your urban commute forever. Brought to you by industrial designers from the car industry, it has the sleek and elegant look of a luxury car with none of the headaches. Live on Indiegogo now with up to 45% off retail price. Get your CityGo Urban today and keep life on the go! Read more