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Thursday, July 28, 2016


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Indy ambulance crashes while transporting shooting victim
Ohio paramedic volunteers for Olympics
Texas ambulance rolls over, EMT injured
Ark. EMS to wear body armor on calls: Of the 275 bullet-resistant vests ordered, 30 are made of steel plates
SC rescue team receives $1.5M loan to purchase ambulances, radios: The dept. will be able to retire an older ambulance and ensure that it has an extra one for special situations
Embattled medevac firm files bankruptcy: A former employee was awarded over $700K after being wrongfully terminated for complaining the company violated state regulations
Man high on heroin, spice slashes ambulance tires
Teen performs CPR, saves teammate in cardiac arrest
Ill. ambulance agency contests OSHA fines
4 Armenian medics taken hostage
Woman who called ambulance 400 times receives prison time
Supermarket customer uses Heimlich Maneuver to save employee
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6 EMS questions for the next U.S. president
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Policy questions are coming at the presidential candidates from every direction, here are six questions EMS should want answered.
Key issues 
EMS data can solve the opioid overdose epidemic, not naloxone
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
EMS leaders at the 2016 Pinnacle conference learn how CAD and ePCR data, not naloxone, might be EMS's greatest contribution to resolving opioid overdose epidemic.
The golden bullet 
What does it feel like to do CPR?
By EMS1 Staff
An ALS instructor shares her experiences performing CPR and what to expect.
Answering the call 
Altered Mental Status: 6 reasons why a complete assessment is critical
By Nicholas Miller, EMS1 Columnist
A complete patient assessment and consideration of multiple causes will help make sure the patient's altered mental status is correctly assessed.
Never assume 
Nausea relief without medications
Steve Whitehead discusses the relief of nausea without medications by applying a cold compress to the back of a patient's neck and smelling an alcohol prep pad.
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A CPR educator shares his own bystander CPR story
How to apply a direct pressure wrap to control severe extremity bleeding
857NY EMTs equipped with body armor
637Teen performs CPR, saves teammate in cardiac arrest
369Air ambulance lawsuit becomes class action
243Ariz. fire dept. launches its own faster, cheaper ambulance service
104Trauma takes its toll on EMS providers, 911 telecommunicators
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