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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Warner Bros Targets Streaming Subreddit Over Piracy, Fails 

You can find almost anything on Reddit — including free, pirated movies — which is why one movie studio has started to not just go after the sources of these videos, but the places that aggregate them.

Learn All About The History Of Rockets In Just Four Minutes 

Diehard fans of space exploration, rejoice! That pseudonymous foul-mouthed mastermind, exurb1a, who gave us the universe in just four minutes, is back with an irreverent video tackling the colourful history of rocket science. 

Watching Toothbrushes Melt Is So Incredibly Satisfying 

Video: Humanity’s connection to fire dates back to when our earliest ancestors realised it could be used for warmth and survival. Why do you think staring into a campfire is so mesmerising? It probably also explains why watching toothbrushes slowly melt and shrivel away is so utterly fascinating. That, or deep down you’re secretly harbouring bad feelings towards your dentist. 

You Can Watch 8 Minutes Of That Cheesy Mr. Robot Horror Film Online 

The previous episode of Mr. Robot finally gave us an origin story for the F Society, specifically where the group got its weird, Monopoly Man-inspired mask that has become its symbol and it comes from a fake 1980s horror film that you can watch online.

Lava Spilling Over A Cliff Looks Like Hot Candy 

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been slowly leaking lava onto the surface around it for over three decades now, but only rarely does that lava reach the island’s cliffs. This week, it finally did — and a photographer caught the whole thing from a boat. 

Making A 400-Year-Old Sword Using Ancient Techniques Is Pretty Damn Hard 

Video: Watch as the guys from Baltimore Knife and Sword make a 400-year-old Dandao sword from China using some really old techniques and machinery. It’s awesome to see iron sand transformed into steel in a smelter that would be similar to the ones the Chinese used centuries ago. It’s almost cooler to see a block of steel get stretched out in a rolling mill that’s been used to make horseshoes for 80 years. 

New Simulation Extends Possible Crash Site Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 

Italian researchers have used the location of confirmed debris from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared two years ago, to estimate where the missing airliner might have crashed, and where further debris may be found onshore. Their simulations show that the wreckage may lie upwards of 500km further north than current estimates. 

Guy Builds A Crazy Bellows Using Only Primitive Technology 

The story of mankind is one of doing as little work as possible. And that plays out most excellently as Christian Bale lookalike Primitive Technology seeks to build the most efficient “forge blower” he can with the bounty of the forest. 

It's Official: Game Of Thrones Ends After Season 8 

The night is dark and full of terrors, also sadness. HBO has confirmed that Game of Thrones‘ eighth season will be its last. 

Walking On A LEGO-Covered Treadmill Might Be The Most Painful Thing Ever 

Video: There are a lot of unpleasant experiences you can go through in life, but few might be as excruciating as the LEGO Treadmill Challenge created by the brave souls at WheresMyChallenge. The idea is simple: see how long you can walk barefoot on a treadmill while random Lego pieces are poured on it. The hard part is enduring this torture for longer than half a second. 

Hacking A Celebrity's Phone In The 1930s Was Actually Similar To Today 

Myrna Loy was a huge movie star in the 1930s and 40s. She starred in classic films like The Thin Man (1934), Manhattan Melodrama (1934), and The Best Years of Our Lives (1946). Ed Sullivan crowned her “Queen of the Movies.” But celebrity always has a dark side. 

Tarantino's Suicide Squad Is The Greatest Team-Up We'll Never See 

I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that Suicide Squad is a thing and, yes, it looks like it could be awesome. But what if it were brought to you by the one-and-only Quentin Tarantino? Well, then I think it would be too awesome and we would all explode in a giant fireball of awesomeness.