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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Over Group B's four-year run, the pressure to turn road cars into boosted monsters became too much for Audi, which decided to develop a car for the Group S series that was set to replace it. The Audi Group S is that car, designed for a series that was scrapped before it started.Read more
The Afsluitdijk is a dyke that protects the Netherlands from flooding. It is now in need of renovation and as part of the project, a series of art installations will be put in place. The first will bring a high-flying glow over the length of the structure and provide a bonus feature as well.Read more
Architecture projects don't need to be expensive or technologically advanced to show ingenuity, as evidenced by Dutch firm Shau. Its recently-completed Microlibrary, which serves Bandung in Indonesia, comprises a facade made from used ice cream tubs to increase ventilation.Read more
A new finding at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory could reveal the full potential of perovskite solar cells, approaching their theoretical maximum efficiency of 31 percent.Read more
With a series of twist-on modules, the all-new Fuse takes portable espresso making one step farther than other systems, bringing you from roasted bean to foamy latte. Or at least it might if its crowdfunding campaign soars.​Read more
In a similar vein to the recent stingray robot made of rat heart cells and a gold skeleton, researchers have created a robot from sea slug muscles attached to a 3D-printed body, aiming to one day send swarms of biohybrid robots on sea search missions.Read more
​​The engines have been powered down after another Farnborough International Airshow. Not even foul weather could put a dampener on proceedings, with the Boeing 737 MAX and Lockheed Martin F-35 both making their airshow debut under grey skies. Read more
In 2013, pro golfer Bubba Watson, along with Oakley and Neoteric Hovercraft, designed a Golf Cart Hovercraft that glides across greens, bunkers and water traps. Now with the help of Martin Aircraft, the team has taken to the skies with the Golf Cart Jetpack.Read more
An "Ultimate Driving Machine" used to send its power to the back wheels, but demand for more efficient, spacious cars has forced BMW to reverse course and offer front-wheel drive on some of its cars. The latest is the 1 Series Sedan, a four-door aimed squarely at China. Read more
A new device that eliminates the need for open-heart surgery for those suffering degenerative mitral regurgitation (MR). Not only does the device reduce time spent on the operating table, but it could eventually see patients heading home from hospital the day after a heart operation.Read more
​Trucks are getting smarter and more efficient, but that doesn't mean they're becoming less capable. Take the new Ford F-450 Super Duty, which is lighter than before but still able to tow up to 32,500 lb (14,742 kg). Read more
Scientists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) have developed a memory technology that achieves the ultimate physical limit by using individual atoms to represent a single bit of data.Read more
​Although obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is sometimes treatable with medication, it typically takes weeks or even months before there's any noticeable difference. If new research being conducted at Duke University is anything to go by, however, a much faster-acting treatment may be on its way. Read more
A team of researchers from Tufts University has taken flexible electronics to their next logical step, embedding them in sutures that can monitor the body from the site of the stitching and broadcast their findings to a Bluetooth-enabled device.​Read more
As our population continues to get older, physiotherapists are going to be needed more than ever. It was with this in mind that Emma was created. The one-armed robot is designed to help physiotherapists handle an increasing workload, by conducting massage therapy on their human patients.Read more
Now that Juno has entered into orbit around Jupiter, what better time to take a closer look at what, precisely, Juno will be able to tell us about the largest planet in our solar system?Read more
Mercedes-Benz has given us a glimpse of what the future of public transport may look like, with a demo of its Future Bus with CityPilot. The tech-filled vehicle combines connectivity, camera and radar systems and is described by Mercedes as "a milestone on the way to the autonomous city bus."Read more
Past research has found ways to steer a drone just through the power of the mind. Now, researchers at Arizona State University have built on that with a system that allows a pilot to take control of a whole swarm of drones, both in the air and on the ground.Read more
Plans have been submitted for what would be the first development of Yo! Home apartments, with a block of 24 units to be built in the New Islington area of Manchester, UK. The Yo! Home is aimed at providing urban apartments that are both high-quality and affordable as a result of their compact size.Read more
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