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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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July 25, 2016

The fire service experienced two on-duty deaths over the weekend. We join the firefighters and families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Orford, New Hampshire in mourning their fallen.

Speaking about LODDs, one of our bloggers wrote a heartfelt piece about sacrifice, duty and death. It took a hard turn when a reader seemed to disagree with the post and wrote the author that he should kill himself. Read the response and the view on hate and social media HERE.
Bill Carey, Online News Manager

California Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Nearly 20,000 

$subtitles.get($x)"It's averaged about 10,000 acres a day," [Wakoski] told reporters. "An acre is a football field, so imagine that, 10,000 football fields a day." 

Wildland: Traditional Fire Organizations and WUI Firefighting 

$subtitles.get($x)The greatest threat WUI poses is damage to infrastructure. Without infrastructure, WUI doesn’t exist; it’s just open grass, brush, or forest land. So as a traditional fire department, the priority must be to protect the infrastructure. 

Firefighting Operations: Landing Zone/Fill-Site Basics 

$subtitles.get($x)No matter your locale, your training program should include a regular review of the basics of landing zone (LZ) safety and water fill-site safety when dealing with firefighting aircraft. 

Texas Helmet Cam: Three-Alarm Apartment Fire 

Cy Fair and Houston firefighters battle a three-alarm apartment fire. See More Videos

Photos: Sand Fire Weekend 

$subtitles.get($x)A firefighter watches as a helicopter makes a drop on a wildfire near Placenta Caynon Road in Santa Clarita, Calif., Sunday, July 24, 2016. Flames raced down a steep hillside "like a freight train," leaving smoldering remains of homes and forcing thousands to flee the wildfire churning through tinder-dry canyons in Southern California, authorities said Sunday. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu) See More Galleries

Rescuing Providence: Social Media Heroes 

$subtitles.get($x)The firefighter who wrote that I should punch myself into a coma or shoot myself in the head is unfortunately a product of the all about me social media crowd. I guarantee he would never have said something so ugly in person. The anonymity of the internet allows people to think and act like murderers, spoiled brats and people undeserving of the title Firefighter.  Read More from Fire EMS Blogs
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