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Saturday, July 23, 2016

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July 22, 2016|View as webpage
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5 Boston firefighters injured at 6-alarm blaze
NY fire coordinator dies after being struck by truck
LAFD dances to raise funds for girl with cerebral palsy
New Orleans union: End home smoke alarm installs after police killings: The fire superintendent will not end the program, stating the union president is "in fear of the citizens we serve"
Nashville chief pulled from field over 'racial, threatening' Facebook posts:The chief is accused of violating social media policy
Community blames unstaffed fire station for injury, loss: The chief cited staff shortages and a smaller tax base for the level of response in the rural area
Fla. FF dies after 'cardiac event'
2 paramedics charged in 'patient selfie war'
Firefighters dodge crossfire from rolling gun battle in St. Louis
Board: Ga. FFs who stole from crash scene rightly fired
Man threatens firefighter with handgun during fundraising
Pro baseball players assist lone firefighter at house fire
Good Read: How the First High-Pressure Pump Changed Firefighting
Learn about the industry's first high-pressure water pump innovation and how it evolved into today's MARK-3 portable pump from WATERAX.
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Fire Chief Digital: Cancer in the Fire Service
This Fire Chief Digital Edition, a quarterly special editorial supplement from Fire Chief and FireRescue1, focuses on one of the biggest issues afflicting the fire service at all levels: cancer.
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Wingspread VI prepares for liftoff
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor-in-Chief
Fire service leaders take a run at naming and fixing the industry's major issues at the once-a-decade retreat.
Meaningful changes 
Is the fire service biased against diversity?
By Cheryl Horvath, FR1 Columnist
Similarities between the business world and the fire service on diversity informs the depth of the issue.
Where's the beef? 
5 fire service questions for the next U.S. president
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor-in-Chief
Questions on policy and governing philosophy are coming at the presidential candidates from all angles, here's a list of those the fire service should want answered.
What will you ask? 
A case for fire hose ramps
By Mark van der Feyst, FR1 Columnist
A compromised supply line is a compromised fire attack, and this simple tool can keep the water flowing. 
Maintaining access to water 
Protecting the radio
Regardless of where the radio is carried, it needs to be protected from extreme heat. 
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Canadian firefighters save woman from fire
Ky. firefighters battle house blaze
978Calif. firefighters asked to remove flag supporting fallen police officers
803NY first responders on alert after extremist threats surface
569LODD: Fla. firefighter dies after 'cardiac event'
412Dallas Fire Rescue ambulance stolen, crashed into warehouse
410Wis. firefighter receives proper burial 125 years later
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