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Monday, July 18, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

The Unexplained Signals Of Russian Station UVB-76 

There is a mysterious shortwave radio station that broadcasts on the high-frequency 4625 kHz band. Apparently originating from within Russia, it’s nicknamed “The Buzzer”, due to its distinctive short buzzing noise, which plays over and over again. Occasionally, the buzzing is interrupted by a voice reading out a short string of numbers and words. 
No one has figured it out — yet — but here’s what we know so far.

Arsehat Gaoled After Bragging About High Speed Chase On Facebook 

A 20-year-old Cambridge man who led police on a 160km-an-hour chase around the city has been thrown in gaol after posting details of his escape on social media.

SpaceX Has Landed A Rocket At Cape Canaveral 

Video: While many eyes were on the rocket Kim launched at Taylor, SpaceX was busy sending a payload up to ISS and and trying out another experimental landing of a rocket.

French Physicists Unravel The Secrets Of The Knuckleball   

Knuckleballs are mostly associated with baseball in the United States, but this devilishly unpredictable ball motion also shows up in soccer, cricket, and volleyball. Yet it’s never seen in other sports like squash, basketball, and table tennis. A team of French scientists think they have finally figured out why and describe their conclusions in the New Journal of Physics.

The Right Vibrations Will Make Particles In Liquid Break Into A Circle Dance 

Chances are you’ve seen the gorgeous patterns that sound waves produce when sand is sprinkled on a vibrating metal plate. Now French physicists have produced inverse versions of these patterns using microbeads suspended in a liquid. They described their work in a recent paper in Physical Review Letters.

Florida's Slime Coast Is A State-Sponsored Disaster 

Image: Maddie Stone The smell hit me as soon as I opened my car door — like rancid milk mixed with dog shit. I gasped for breath as humid air descended, filling my pores with the putrid odor.

What Are the Odds You'll Meet Your Evil Twin? 

We’ve seen enough science fiction (and soap operas I suppose) over the years to know that your evil twin is just around the corner. But what if they have already taken over your life? What if you’re the evil twin??

Darth Vader And David Goyer Team Up For Star Wars' Next VR Project  

Amidst all the other news at Star Wars Celebration Europe yesterday was the discovery that David Goyer, writer of pretty much all of DC movies made this century, will also write something starring the Dark Lord of the Sith for ILM’s next VR project.

Everything You Need To Know Before Mr. Robot Season Two 

All images: USA Have you met Mr. Robot? The enigmatic hacker and the show became one of TV’s most talked-about shows. The second season begins tonight, but what if you haven’t had a chance to catch up on everything that happened in season one? Well, Gizmodo has your back.

These Microbots Steer Using Electricity And The Bacteria That Causes Urinary Tract Infections 

Credit: Drexel University
Because the world keeps getting more bizarre, it turns out that the best way to get these microbots to navigate around obstacles is to smear them with the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections and send them through an electrical grid. 

How To Extract Pure Gold From Busted Electronics 

That little bead right there? That’s all the gold in four and a half pounds of electronics waste. And it took so very much work to get there.

DARPA's New Robot Is Ready To Go Submarine Hunting 

DARPA’s newest Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) can travel on the high seas at speeds up to 27 knots for months on end without a single crew member.