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Friday, July 22, 2016


The Wingboard, designed to place riders behind a plane so they can wakeboard through the sky, has just successfully completed its first wind tunnel flight testing, edging the creator closer to his lifelong dream of recreating the cloudsurfing bear cub from the Disney series Talespin.​Read more
The Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid are the rare smartphones that do something truly different. Read on, as we review Lenovo's new modular – and killer – flagships.Read more
The 2016 QX60 lived in our driveway for a week and proved itself to be a solid unit, but there are some drawbacks as well. Here's a look at the good and the bad of this long-lived luxury crossover.Read more
Humans aren't setup to be squashed into a chair all day, no matter how ergonomic it is claimed to be, but standing all day isn't something we're particularly keen on either. One solution is a sit/stand desk like the Loctek S1L we've been testing. Read more
​Nixie tubes have lately been finding their way into clocks and other devices. At the same time, we've also been seeing an increase in gadgets that levitate objects using magnets. Therefore, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that someone is now offering an ultra-cool levitating nixie clock.​Read more
For scientists who study the Earth's ice – a valuable recorder of the past – the warming of the planet means that their very archives are vanishing. To take action, the Protecting Ice Memory project was launched in 2015. Now it's about to get its first deposit.​Read more
A 20-month experiment conducted a mile underground has failed to detect dark matter particles directly, but the results are still giving scientists important clues on the nature of this elusive substance.Read more
Prompted by a series of tweets, a pair of astronomers have used data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer orbital telescope to identify an image of a massive “X”-shaped star formation located in our galaxy's central bulge. Read more
A Duke University study suggests that serpentinized rocks underneath the ocean floor may hold the key to finding an abundant and free hydrogen resource.Read more
In April, Franky Zapata showed off the Flyboard Air; an impressive personal flight system that quickly started breaking records. Now, US company Implant Sciences has announcing its intention to purchase Zapata Industries.Read more
With tiny houses, luxury features can be left out due to to size constraints, and it's unusual enough to see a model with a bathtub, let alone something fancier. The Alpha Tiny House, by New Frontier Tiny Homes, is an exception, and boasts real luxury for such a small dwelling.Read more
The new Eon from Unlimited might just be the most seamless aftermarket electric skateboard drive yet. It not only electrifies various shapes and sizes of board, it lets you choose between one or two battery packs and motors to get the perfect blend of range, power and capability. Read more
Love them or loathe them, wooden skyscrapers are on the rise, especially in Europe and North America. This latest example is designed by Team V Architectuur and will rise to 21 floors in Amsterdam. Dubbed Haut, the project is due to begin construction in late 2017.Read more
Amazon has been awarded a patent for a drone docking system that would see its flying delivery robots come down to recharge on structures like street lamps and power poles before continuing onto their final destination. ​Read more
A professor at UW wants to catch 'em all, but he isn't content with just 700 Pokemon. His ambitions are a little loftier, aiming to collect and scan all 25,000 known species of fish, to create 3D models of their skeletons which can then be freely downloaded, 3D printed and studied.Read more
Road cars are getting more efficient, but they’ve still got a serious drinking problem compared to the super light creations coming out of the world’s universities. The TUfast Eco Team has proven a little energy can go a long way, having created the world’s most efficient electric vehicle. Read more
Facebook is taking the internet to the sky to get rural areas online. After last year unveiling the drones that will beam information-carrying lasers around, the web giant has now solved the problem of how those beams of light are received on the ground, achieving speeds of up to 2 Gbps.Read more
Capable of 85 mph under favorable circumstances, the Teal is a powerful, lightweight quadcopter that streams vision at 720p and has a powerful onboard computer to run advanced applications that could eventually include machine learning algorithms.​Read more
Researchers have found that leukemia stem cells can thrive in a patient's fatty tissue, which they can transform into a supportive hideout that makes the cancer cells more resistant to chemotherapy treatments.Read more
​Almost 10 years ago to the day, Elon Musk released the first Tesla Motors Master Plan. It was an optimistic set of goals for a startup car company, but on the most basic level those goals have been met. Now it's time for ​Part Deux​​ of the plan to spring into action. ​Read more
Nate D Sanders Auctions is offering another vintage bit of Space Race memorabilia – NASA astronaut John Glenn's timeline of flight instructions that flew on his historic 1962 Mercury-Atlas 6 missionRead more
​Perhaps you're one of those people who doesn't own a car, but who sometimes needs a vehicle that's a bit "more" than a bicycle. If you are, then's PEBL velomobile might be what you're looking for. Read more
A turtle fossil pulled out of the ground by an 8-year-old boy in South Africa helped scientists learn more about the early uses and evolution of the turtle shell. Read more
A new study out of Dartmouth figured out that a type of lemur known as an aye-aye likes to gobble up food with the highest alcohol content – but not necessarily for the reasons you might think.Read more
​Love ‘em or 😐 ‘em, emoji are here to stay. Though some emoji are genuinely useful or expressive, others are, well… not so much. In that spirit, here are five emoji so downright obscure, you have to wonder what the emoji overlords were thinking.Read more
After three years of construction work, Siemens has moved into its new headquarters in Munich, Germany. It has apparently cut its annual CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 5.6 million km of air travel, consumes 90 percent less electricity than Siemen's previous HQ and uses 75 percent less water.​ Read more
Ford has teamed with tequila producer Jose Cuervo to create car parts out of bioplastics made from the byproduct of tequila making. Researchers are testing the durability and heat resistance of the resulting plastics as a sustainable way to make car parts.Read more
Life for commuters on New York's subway system is set to get a little more comfortable, with the announcement that both its trains and stations are set for a revamp. The new subway cars will boast bigger doors for easier access, more standing space, Wi-Fi and USB charging ports.Read more
Whether you're a designer by trade or are piecing together marketing materials for your company, you'll want these assets on your side. You'll spend less time designing fonts and vectors, and more time working on the big picture. Plus - you can pay what you want - or beat the average to take them all home. So act fast, and start designing like a pro.Read more