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Monday, July 25, 2016


Veeso is claimed to be the first VR headset to capture your face and transmit your expressions – and as a result, your emotions – onto a virtual avatar in real time. With it, the company is emphasizing emotional connections through video call apps and social games like poker.Read more
Just about everything during the summer is better topless. That includes the redesigned Camaro with its convertible option. Add in the surprisingly potent mid-range engine and transmission choice and this car is good times on four wheels.Read more
Nvidia is tempting HTC Vive​ and Oculus Rift​ owners by updating its entire line of graphics cards in the last couple of months. If you own a virtual reality headset and want the best balance between pricing and performance, the GTX 1070 is the current-gen sweet spot GPU.Read more
Deciding what to do with the house is a big concern for home-owning couples to sort out when they separate, but Prenuptial Housing takes the sting out of the process. Taking the view that love doesn't last forever, the floating home splits when its owners do.Read more
Finally yielding to the plaintive cries of naked bike fans, Suzuki has put the storied GSX-R1000 motor in a streetbike. And what a wonderful, nutty, wheelie-happy streetbike it is - with one of the lowest pricetags in the class.Read more
The US government has announced “an unprecedented set of actions” to pump up the country’s plug-in electric vehicle market, including US$4.5 billion in loan guarantees to create a nationwide network of commercial scale and fast charging stations.Read more
Scientists have found that by melting gold into the titanium mix they can produce a non-toxic metal that is four times harder than titanium itself, raising the prospect of more durable, longer lasting medical implants. ​​Read more
NASA has been signalling intentions to welcome more commercial partners aboard the ISS for a little while now, and is now canvassing the private sector for ideas to increase business activity on the orbiting laboratory. Read more
The size and touch input of smartphone displays isn't always the best way to take advantage of all that power under the hood. Andromium's new Superbook is designed to change that, giving an Android smartphone an 11.6-inch screen, full-size keyboard and trackpad.Read more
7-Eleven has carried out the US' first drone delivery to a customer's home. The retailer teamed up with drone startup Flirtey to complete the shipment, whose flying robot was loaded up with Slurpees and other snacks to give convenience store a new kind of meaning. Read more
Scientists have used the protozoa that causes sleeping sickness as the model a new class of microbots for delivering drugs with precision and carrying out other medical procedures.​Read more
Solar Impulse 2 has taken off on what is expected to be the final leg of its solar-powered round-the-world voyage. The single-seater aircraft took off today from Cairo International Airport with Bertrand Piccard at the controls. Read more
If you had to guess the street-legal electric car with the best quarter-mile time, the Tesla Model S P85D or Rimac Concept One might immediately pop to mind. What wouldn't pop to mind - the Enfield 8000. But that's the right answer .. well, kind of. Read more
On July 28, 2016 a partnership between GIBLIB, Livit and 360fly will live stream a hernia surgery open to the public, from a 360-degree interactive point of view.Read more
Thermacell is preparing to launch a lighter, more compact mosquito repeller designed to go deeper into the wilderness. The Backpacker Repeller drops Thermacell's mosquito-fighting technology into your pack.Read more
​If you have trouble learning, you might want to try eating more cinnamon. A study has found that "slow learner" mice do better at finding their way through mazes, after a month of ingesting the spice.​Read more
Named after the silks that were exported from China, the Silk Road helped spread news, art and culture through a large part of the world. Now, a new study focused on a 2,000-year-old Silk Road latrine shows that the routes also helped spread something else – disease.Read more
A team of scientists has developed and tested a technique that could revolutionize how we observe the progress of common brain disorders. In the long run, it could lend a hand in the development of treatments for everything from Alzheimer's to epilepsy.Read more
With its mission recently extended for another two years, NASA has improved Curiosity's ability to conduct science operations under its own steam. The upgrade is related to the ChemCam instrument, allowing the rover to pick targets to fire its laser at without direction from scientists back home.Read more
A few years ago, Korg released a nifty practice tool called the TM-50 that combined tuner and metronome in one unit, allowing musicians to keep time and stay in tune. Now the company has added the ability to analyze and improve tone and technique with the release of the TM-50TR.Read more
Many hobbit holes are fairly modest dwellings, with low ceilings and relatively cramped and dark rooms. This example in Huddersfield, England, will appeal to the Lord of the Rings fans looking for a little more luxury. It boasts four bedrooms and a large recreational area including a swimming pool.Read more
Notes previously dismissed as “irrelevant” have turned up a new discovery: Leonardo da Vinci had a sophisticated understanding of the laws of friction, almost 200 years before they were formalized. New research demonstrates how da Vinci applied that knowledge to his work over the next 20 years.Read more
Life moves pretty fast, if your charging cable snags, wears, or tangles, you're gonna miss it. Titan Travel charging cables are built tough and designed never to tangle. Two layers of flexible, high-strength steel protect your industrial-grade cabling so anywhere you go, you'll know your charging cable is up to the challenge.Read more