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Saturday, July 9, 2016

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Austrian far-right 'playing with fire' over EU referendum
Van der Bellen/Facebook
Austria's far-right candidate in the October presidential election is "playing with fire" with talk of an EU membership referendum, his challenger told media Friday, vowing to tackle him over the issue in the campaign. 
Forty things to do in Austria this summer
Project Nightflight
Here is your ultimate bucket list of things to do and see in Austria this summer. 
Teachers admit leading kids across railway crossing
Four teachers have admitted to dangerously leading a group of children under a level crossing and across railway tracks in Austria just seconds before a train sped through the station. 
Ethanol 'insect repellent' sends woman up in flames
John Tann/Creative Commons
A father trying to protect his family from insect bites saw his wife go up in flames in front of his eyes after he tried to use ethanol as an insect repellent. 
    The end of Vienna's 100-year-old 'unethical' pony carousel
    The real life pony carousel at Vienna's Prater fairground is to close at the end of the season following a campaign against the controversial attraction. 
    Asylum applications continue to fall in Austria
    UNHCR/Archilleas Zavallis
    The number of asylum applications received in Austria dropped by around 40% in May, compared to the same month last year. 
    Escaped kangaroo on the run in Austria
    Rene Bacher
    Police in Styria are being given the run-around by a kangaroo that escaped its enclosure two weeks ago and refuses to go back in captivity. 
    Lightning strike kills 18 cows in Austria
    Georg Buchegger
    A cow called Lucky is the only survivor of a lightning strike that killed 18 other cows at once in alpine meadow in Austria. 
    10 years for war crimes sentence in Linz
    Regional Court, Linz. Photo: Johannes Auer/Picasa
    An Austrian court sentenced Wednesday a Bosnian Muslim man to 10 years in jail over the massacre of 16 civilians in a Serb village during the bloody 1992-5 Bosnian war. 
    Border controls cause row between Austria and Hungary
    Rotes Kreuz
    Hungarian authorities have come under fire from Austria’s Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka after they began checking people crossing the border from Austria into Hungary. 
    Sweet expectations fulfilled with strawberry cakes
    Members of the cake jury. Photo: Patrick Sabo
    Ever wondered who makes the best strawberry cake in Vienna? Yelp, the online local business guide ran a contest on Wednesday for 13 products from nine different bakers, with a 30-person judging panel, and decided they found a winner. 
    The burning questions for British expats about Brexit
    Photo: Wikimedia
    For expats who have chosen to take full advantage of the European Union freedom of movement and make their home in Austria, the questions about the effects of a Brexit just keep mounting.  
    Op ed
    Expert warns Islam in Austria is anti-Western
    Ibrahim Olgun, a 28-year-old Austrian-born Islamic theologian. Photo: IGGIÖ
    Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. He writes on his perspective of the increasing influence of Turkish Islam in Austria. Republished with kind permission from the Gatestone Institute, in whose journal this article originally appeared. 
    Why we are part of the Brexit problem - and what to do
    Photo: AFP
    It’s been a long night, and for those of us Brits who have made our lives elsewhere in Europe, it will be a long road ahead writes The Local's managing editor James Savage.  5 comments
    What to do in 72 hours in Vienna
    Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons
    Scottish travel blogger Megan Conway on how to experience the best of the Austrian capital.  3 comments
    More news
    Adults lead 50 kids under dangerous railway crossing
    Austrian police are searching for three adults who were spotted leading fifty schoolchildren under a level crossing and across railway tracks seconds before a train hurtled past. 
    Austrian charged for carving swastikas onto own body
    The long-running dispute saw the victim's house get smeared with graffiti - apparently from neighbours - telling him to 'Move out'. Photo: Private
    An Austrian accused of carving swastikas onto his chest and forehead and then blaming it on his neighbours has been charged by prosecutors.  
    Paraglider left dangling from edge of crane
    FF Hollersbach
    A paraglider trying to land ended up being rescued by fire services in Austria after being left dangling 30 metres off the ground on the edge of a crane. 
    Heroic police officer dies from his injuries
    Photo: Paul Gillingwater
    A press spokesman for Vienna Police announced that the police officer who was shot by an armed robber on Saturday has died in hospital from his injuries on Tuesday evening. 
    Austria's election re-run will take place on October 2nd
    Facebook/Wolfgang Sobotka
    Austria’s re-run of the country’s presidential election will take place on Sunday October 2nd, the government has announced. 
    From our other editions
    Swiss couple told to give back adopted daughter
    File photo: Robert Valencia
    The child's biological mother now wants her baby back. 
    Tests find 'possible carcinogen' in Kinder sweets
    Photo: A. Kniesel via Wikimedia commons
    A German food watchdog on Monday pushed for the recall of Kinder chocolate bars, among other snacks. 
    Iceland’s football team slams Danish party’s racist post
    Iceland's players celebrating their win over England. Photo: BERTRAND LANGLOIS/SCANPIX
    The Icelandic national team has requested that the nationalist Danes' Party take down a clearly racist post.  
    Spanish airline Vueling cuts flights for sixth day running
    The cancellations are mainly affecting passengers travelling to France. Photo: AFP
    Hundreds of passengers were left stranded on Tuesday following the sixth straight day of cancellations and major delays.  
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