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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Chinese newcomer OnePlus is back with another attempt to marry top-level specs with a knock-down price, and it's come up with the company's best handset by far. It's powerful, it's sleek, and it should have the bigger manufacturers looking over their shoulders.Read more
The all-new Coolpeds iBike has a clean, retro-inspired look, weight under 30 lb (13.6 kg), and a crowd-funding project tag below US$500. Is this the e-bike you've been waiting for?Read more
The latest automaker to announce a big step forward in autonomous driving technology is Nissan, which will be the first Japanese manufacturer to hit the market with an autonomous driving system to control steering, brakes and throttle on the highway.Read more
NEC's ARmKeypad uses AR to display a virtual keypad onto the user's arm, with input registered through vibrations from the tapping of fingers on the arm.​ Now the company has announced a new, tap-free version called the ARmKeypad Air that provides a completely contact-free interface.Read more
​Jaguar Land Rover is throwing the kitchen sink at autonomous driving technology. On top of the tools it's developing for off-road autonomy, the Brits are planning to create a fleet of research vehicles testing a raft of self-driving technologies. ​Read more
​Solar Impulse 2 completed the penultimate leg of its solar-powered global circumnavigation today, touching down at Cairo International Airport at 10:13 pm PDT (5:14 GMT). With pilot André Borschberg at the controls, the single-seater aircraft landed after leaving Seville, Spain two days ago.Read more
Renault has spent some time in the wilderness, but the French manufacturer is well-and-truly on the comeback path. The revival started with the Clio, and continues with the new Megane. As you can see, it looks good in sedan form, but what lies beneath the skin is arguably more impressive. Read more
A new dwarf planet has been identified on the fringes of our solar system. Designated 2015 RR245, the object’s size isn’t known just yet, but its discoverers estimate it to have a diameter of 700 km (435 miles) and one of the largest orbits of a dwarf planet, circling the Sun once every 700 years.Read more
Marine scientists are getting an up-close view of never-before-seen coral sea life thanks to a newly-developed microscopic imaging system built for underwater use. It’s the first instrument to capture underwater images of seafloor organisms with near micrometer resolution. Read more
Like any good tourist, NASA's Juno deep-space probe is sending snapshots to the folks back home. It's the first image from Jupiter since the spacecraft's dramatic arrival around the planet on July 4 and shows Jupiter and three of its four largest moons.Read more
Back in 2013, Mercedes showed the world what a three-pointed star-badged golf cart of the future might look like with the Vision Golf Cart. Well, the (near) future is here and Mercedes has teamed up with Scandinavian "golf car" manufacturer Garia to make the Mercedes golf cart a reality.Read more
Having ​bought into Hasselblad in October 2015, DJI's partnership with the legendary Swedish brand has finally borne fruit for professionals. The companies have combined an M600 with the Hasselblad A5D, creating the world's first medium format drone package in the process. Read more
One of the world's best known motorcycle collections is being dispersed and some extraordinary opportunities to own rare machinery will result when the Robert White Collection is auctioned by Bonhams (London) in September.Read more
Mansory has already worked over the G63 six-wheeler, and now it's turned its attention to the G500 4×4², adding horsepower and loads of carbon fiber.Read more
Far away from our beloved Milky Way lies a galaxy called UGC 1382, a place that scientists and astronomers thought was just another tiny, elliptical galaxy. It turns out that not only is it bigger than they previously thought, but it's also much larger than the galaxy that Earth calls home.Read more
If you're tired of boring building walls, Manhattan-based experiential design firm ESI Design has a solution. The firm has outfitted Terrell Pace in the US capital Washington, DC, with 1,700 sq ft of interactive media displays that react to activity within the building.Read more
Despite the death of its founder, Zaha Hadid Architects is set to stay in business for a while longer yet –​ as confirmed by the announcement of a new skyscraper for Qatar's first sustainable city, Lusail. The as-yet unnamed tower is due for completion in 2020.​Read more
To help prevent emergencies from becoming disasters, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT) have unveiled Sakura 2 – a remotely-operated, mobile, anti-explosive robot for use in gas-filled environments where a spark or heat source could set off an explosion or fire.Read more
As the rumor mill predicted, Samsung is officially set to announce its next Galaxy Note phablet early next month. Fans of stylus-laden smartphones​ can expect an upgraded version on August 2 in New York City.Read more
China's Hisense has today debuted a 100-inch 4K laser projection TV that's reported to be significantly cheaper than equivalent-sized 4K LCD televisions.​Read more
For a while there, these amazing PC-based VR headsets that you kept reading about were just about impossible to get. Just over a month after HTC Vive orders gave you instant gratification​, the Oculus Rift's​ previously months-long shipping delays are also now finally a thing of the past.Read more
Wires are a nuisance, especially when they’re on your headphones. Therein lies the power of Bluetooth, and what sets these headphones apart from the crowd. Magnetized so the earbuds are easily kept together, and with awesome Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you’ll be able to stream your music, video, podcasts—whatever—without getting any annoying wires stuck on anything.Read more